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Waipu Caves Farm Park
North East Face
North Face
Arthurs Pass Peaks
Skyline Buttress
China Wall
The Shield
Prelude Buttress
Karangahake Gorge
Prospector Cliffs
Bottom of the Hill
Stepped Down Wall
Tangarahu Rock
Next Crag
Access Saddle
The Hollow
Main Cliff
West Main
North Mathias River
1905m Col
Hokitika River
Mungo River
Windsor Crag
Trentepholia Wall
Hollow Butress
Hanging Gardens Wall
Floating Pillar
The Dragon's Lair
Pt 1915
Moss Corner
Eternity Wall
James Stirling Wall
Isolation Walls
Black Scorpion Corner
Wet Dreams Wall
Sunshine Buttress
Puha Wall
Trinity Wall
Kafunk Wall
Tactical Wall
Mid-Life Wall
El Topo Wall
Up De Do Da Buttress
Lobotomy Buttress
Pacifica Wall
Wild Wall
Upper Mangakara
Aces Slab
Rumour Mill Right
Rumour Mill Gully
Lower Wall
Wire Wall
Base Wall
Second Wall
The Bakehouse Right
The Cutting Left
Roadside Attraction Right
Sunnyside Right
Upper Sunnyside
Tombstone Boulders
Lost Boulder
Moa Pit
Cattle Yard Back Side
Cattle Yard East Face
Roadside Attraction Left
Al Cove
Far Side
Beginners Slab
Kerfuffle Wall
Garden Bar
Toad Hall
Winnies Wall
Wind in the Willows
Hotline Corner
Diamond Slab
Pencil Dick Wall
Far Horizon
Delta View
Caesars Palace
Jimmy Cliff
Rock Hudson
Sharon Stone
Rumour Mill
White Wall
Black Wall
Blue Wall
Road End
Fat Freddies
Wishbone Falls
Hells Gate
Pearly Gates
Live Wire
Cliff Richard
Level 3
Top Shelf
Al Cap
Gentlemens Club
Falcon Steep Wall
Kai Whaka Pai Memorial Crag
The Vatican
Hidden Gem
Brummy Crag
The Bakehouse Left
The Icehouse
The Office
The Cutting
West Wānaka
Matukituki Valley
Diamond Lake
Hospital Flat North
The Observatory
The Crackhouse
The Conservatory
Flex Boulder
Warm Leatharête
Tiny Town
Whale Watching
Te Papa
Little Big Wall
Cattle Yard West Face
Jurassic Park
Winter Wall
Car Park Crag
Hospital Flat East
Next Level
North East Face
Ōtoko River
Landsborough River
Huxley River
Hopkins River
Ahuriri River
Pt 2124
Temple Stream
The Gap
Diamond Harbour Crag (DHC)
Test new place
East Face
Mt Torlesse
Junction Pk
Red Pk
Moraine Creek Slabs
Copper Point Crags
IBM Boulder
Dark Arena Boulder
The Pebble
Homer Crags
Black Lake Crags
Button Buttress
Consolation Crag
Lower valley crags
The Perch
Black Lake Wall
Kawakawa Wall
Plantation Wall
Meanie Wall
Middle Wall
Monarch Wall
Possum Wall
The Black Gully
Hubris Wall
Akeake Wall
Main Divide
Main Divide
Ōhau Landsborough
Main Divide
Main Divide
Main Divide
Lewis Pass Harper Pass
Shirt Front
Island Lake
The Sentinel
South East couloirs
Bubble Gum Punk Wall
Perfumed Garden
The Lounge
Margarets Leap (summer)
Northern Bluffs
Dimrill Stairs
Tūkino Crags
North Ridge
North Ridge
Iron Curtain
Middle Curtain
Next Best Thing
Mt Iron
The Dusk Wall
Poulter River
PT 1992
Summit Area
Minarapa Crag
Bobs Bluff
Humphries Castle
Hobbit Wall
Saloon Area
Gold Strike
9b Wall
Century Wall
Tufa Wall
Wormhole Wall
Blocky Wall
Gulls Gully
Camp View
Theo's Gully
Far Right Wall
Tower of Babble
Beyond Dark Castle
Rambandit Boulder
Rambandit Valley
Woolly Valley
Hauler Area
Top Hat
Bunny Gully
North End Buttress
Sycophrantic Arete
The Shelf
Gravitron Roof
Politics Wall
Hidden Wall
The Furnace
Firewood Creek
Bismark Peaks
Chancellor Dome
Mt Anderegg
Whale Stream
East Face
Witches Col
South Face Mt Brown
The Grotto
The Portals
Sunny Side
Bush Stream
Dobson River
Lakeside Wall
The Floating Buttress
Madeline's Skirt
Mt Watson
Lake Dunstan Bluffs
Main Cliff
Dingle Pk
Susceptibility Slab
Africa Slab
Crack Heads
The Circus
Boaty McBoat Face
St Andrews–Poulter Mountains
Nina–Doubtful Mountains
Boat Ramp Crag
Lower Mangatoetoenui
Devil's Sister
Endeavour Buttress
Earle’s Gap
Vapour Wall
West Face
The Brewery
Pt 2017
The Anemometer
Curio Bay
Lovers Landing
George Saddle
Kowhai Saddle
Paske Creek
Bold Pk
Havelock River
Avian Wall
Ōkuru River
Volta Glacier
Wills River
Canon Pk
Ice King Tops
Pt 1619
SW Face
Pt 1646
Lower slabs
The Sanctuary
Eastern Basin
Devil's Thumb
High and Mighty
Port Hills Bouldering
Intergalactic Wall
Hidden Wall
Saddle Crag
Hydroslide Walls
Defiance Wall
Mt Sealy Low Pk
Holy Wall
Upper Walls
Bedroom Cave
Troglodyte Wall
Black Wall
Toast Cave
Blowhard Bush
Hunter River
Mt Elizabeth
The Gully
Gaga Wall
Upper Grey–Ahaura Mountains
Pop Up Crag (11 routes)
Frog Buttress
Ngamoko Range
Irene–Namu Mountains
Stillwater–Doon Mountains
Central Gully Right
Pt 1690
Lower Tier
Upper Tier
Acheron–Waihopai Mountains
Timaru–Lindis Mountains
Central Gully Left
Grey Ghost Crag
Emily Range
Teddy Bears Slab
Karaka Wall
Bobo Wall
The Burrow
The Petite Wall
Richmond Range
Llawrenny Mountains
Upper Pillars
Multi-pitch routes
Baby Buttress
Dragon's Tail
Little Pillar
Dragon Crags
Branch River
Hurunui River
Blue River
West Wanaka Mountains
Mt Sutton
Macfarlane Ridge
The Mine Shaft
Sands Wall and Thyme Gully
Cheese Grater (main area)
Hooker River
Pukaki Boulders
Hooker Valley Boulders
Tasman Valley Boulders
Hoophorn Stream
Northern aspect
Lower Wall
Chuffer Buttress
Headlong Pk
Te Urewera
Trad Crag
Eldorado Wall
Main Wall LHS
Main Wall RHS
Main Cliff Central
Main Wall Left Hand Side
Stone Wall
Bros Boulder
Sour Mash Boulder
Teeny Boulder
Coughing Rock
Flea Boulder
First Crag
Southern Wall
Ace Boulder
Mullet Boulder
Rude Boulder
Flax Boulder
Bad Landing Boulder
Jesus Boulder
Swamp Thing Boulder
Takataka Boulder
Lunchcutter Boulder
Low Life Boulder
Attack Boulder
Land Speed Record Boulder
Martini Roof
Kish Kash Boulder
Sawn Off Roof
Rotund Boulder
Treestyle Boulder
Shark Boulder
Hueco Boulder
Warm Up Boulder
Clark Boulder
Bronx Cave
Lionel's Bluff
Child's Play
The Rolling Stones Crag
The Left Wall
Black Wall
Flax Wall
Iron Wall
Westward Crag
Central Otago
Pt 2016
Te Ahumata (White Cliffs)
Great Barrier Island
Pt 2029
Mt Enys
Mt Olympus
Mt Cheeseman
Mt Cockayne
Hamilton Pk
Pukekaikiore Lower Tier Right
Pukekaikiore Lower Tier Parc Lane
Roxburgh Dam
Right side of gully
Left side of gully
Baby's Bottom Block
Bannockburn Bridge - Cromwell
Shaky Bridge - Alexandra
Leonard Cohen Memorial Buttress
Bad Egg Boulder
Pumparama Boulder
Vulcan Boulder
Jack Up Boulder
Skulduggery Boulder
Boulder 9
Sun Boulder
Boulder 7
Boulder 6
Petit Boulder
Hacking Boulder
Boulder 2
Halfpipe Wall
Aoraki Ara Timaru OE Memorial Wall
Orbell Street
On Sight Wall
White Dragon Wall
Leaning Buttress
Waterfall Wall
Wobbly Wall
Wall of Dragons
Chorlton Crag
French Buttress
Childs Buttress
Meteora Buttress
Bowie Rickman Slabs
Tri Falls Canyon Amphitheatre
North Face
Little Eiger Wall
Odyssey Wall
Moraine Beach
Copper Point
Mangorewa Gorge
The Point
Langs Point
Tairua Crag
Sixth Cliff
Wye Creek Ice Main Area
Wye Creek Ice
Upper Left Side
Hospital Flat South
Whangaehu Central
Ysgo Boulder
Port Hills Bouldering
Overhanging Wall Right
Long Wall Far Right
Tower 42
The Bleachers
Borland - Roadside Crag
Master Angus Wall
Shirt Front
Micro Crag
Village Peoples Crag
Crimea Wall
Lunar Wall
Drug Abuse Wall
Crucifix Area
Twin Cracks
Feature Wall
Lower Bluff
Bivi Wall
Westie Wall
Matai Wall
Margaret's Landing
Fun Rock
Nik's Crags
Margarets Leap (winter)
Lonesome Pine Buttress
The Escarpment
No.1 Buttress
Echo Wall
Lookout Point
Gulliver River
Kiki Corner
Paradise (right)
White Wall of Goodness
Two Towers
Dolomite Point
Tascmaster Wall
Dimrill Stairs
South Face
Rehab Wall
The Great Wall
Leech Wall
Sunset Slab
Traffic Control Buttress
Higher Learning Area
Panama Rock
Sunday School Slab
Moffats Rock
Wavey Wall
The Nursery
The Shazzed! Arete
Sharks Tooth
The Millar Pinnicle
The Slab
The Graveyard
Cable Bay
Matiri Valley
East Face
Dry-Tooling Cave
Paradise Crags (Main crag or left side)
Pt 2298
Brainy Boulder
White Boulder
Boulder 8
Boulder 7
Green Boulder
Boulder 5
Boulder 4
Yellow Boulder
Boulder 2
Juicy Boulder
Borland Saddle Faces
Puke Wall
Shakey Town
Split Persona Wall
The Watch Tower
The Den
Machu Picchu
Hangover Heights
The Colosseum
The Forum
Escudo Buttress
Sisters Ridge
Humphries Castle East Face
West Face
The Balcony
South of Deep Creek
Stargate Slab
Sharks Tooth
Pick ’n’ Mix Wall
Dynamite Point
North side
The Daria is a Wh*re wall
Rakaia Gorge Original Area
Rakaia Gorge
Okahu Bluff
Pitapata Wall
Jolly Cobbler Wall
Long Wall Right
Sunnyside Wall
Long Wall Central
Long Wall Swinging Dyno
Warwick Castle Right Side
Warwick Castle
Kohatu Horoeka Ki Hemi Matenga
Lion Rock
Crocodile Tier
Little Eiger
Eiger Wall
Batpole Wall
The Eiger Wall, (left hand side)
Organ Pipes, Right of Nose
Organ Pipes, Left of Nose
Crag of Misfit Mascots
Organ Pipes, Snotgobbler Wall
Tegel Wall
Spectra Wall
Mad Dogs Wall
Tee Face
Hongis Neck
Upper Hongis Valley
The Prow
Surf’s Up Wall
Main Wall
Mt Vernon
Waterfall Rock
Lynn Hill Bouldering
The Red Gully Wall
The Eliminate Boulder
The Riverbed
The Sunset Boulders
Tea Tree Boulder
The Promontory
Year Right Wall
True Right Wall
Arthur River
Main Cliff Bouldering
Top Cat Boulder
Caro's Boulder
Wayne's Boulder
Stinky Jon Boulder
The Hidden Boulder
Hands Free Boulder
The Roof Boulder
Bump and Lump Boulders
Bivy Boulder
Kinloch Bouldering
Spartan Roof
The Reservoir & Project Walls
Trail Boulders
Grot View Cave
Pallet town
The Wave Wall
The Cheese Grater
Top Cave
North Face
De-Fenses Boulders
Totem Area
The Greek Gods
Highball Wall
Valley Wall
Skyline Boulders
The Swamp
The Airstrip
Balance Bridge Area
White Horse Rapids
Bay 1
Manawatu Gorge
Boulder Problems
Right Hand End
Christmas Crag
Left End
Reporoa Gorge
Frog Pond
Horotea Bluffs
Mangawhitikau Bluffs
Stubbs Wall
The Wall of Sirens
The Factory
Knot Factory
Fyfe River Gorge
The Tombstone Area
Elephant Buttress
Little Red Riding Hood Wall
The Point
Upper Bluff
Lower Bluff
Cracks Wall
Kawakawa Bay
K3 - Whangamata Bay Heads
Te Tuhi Point Crag
K2 Crag
Kinloch (K1)
The Aviary
The Gully
The Cheap Seats
The Grandstands
The Colesseum
Wall of Teeth
Area Beyond the Stairway
The Headwall
The Waterfall Area
The Parking Lot Wall
Pohutukawa Wall
Scunge wall
Echo Wall
The Cheddar Masters Choice
Surfs Up Wall
Waterfall buttress
Te Ananui
Surfside Wall
Fishermans Wall
Moturiki Island
Flesh Buttress
Short Routes
Mike Memorial Wall
Warratah Wall
Cables Wall
Mt Maunganui
Top Tier
No Fly Zone
Twister Sector
Quiet Earth Wall
Budda Wall
Summit Crag
Main Cliff
Northern Cliff
Climbs to the Right of The Spring
Climbs to the Left of the Spring
Graemes Wall
Pipeline Wall
Galaxy Wall
Wall of Fate
The Arches
Millennium Wall
Metaphysical Wall
Waipapa Dam
Te Ika A Maui
New Wall
On the Back
Monday Wall
River Wall
Bayley Road
Flying Cow Buttress
Crows Nest Pinnacle
Chunderosa Buttress
Hidden Cirque
Western Wall
Sheridan Hills
The Arches
Waterfall Wall
Sunday Wall
The Forks
Wacky Wall
The Lower Wall
Road Side Crag
The Amphitheatre
Crag X
Echo Cliffs
The Castle
Surrealist Wall
Little Lost Arrow Spire
Cosmic Wall
The Ravine
Assassination Wall
Secret Valley
Pupuke Boulder
The Beer Garden
Da Cave
Opel Faces
Moon Boulder (Australia Face)
Moon Boulder (Dark Side)
Honey Comb Wall
Bring Your Daughter Wall
Little Spurt Wall
Slug Wall
Red Block Area
Echo Gully
Heavenly Wall
Terminator Crag
Bete Noire Wall
Whiskey Delta Area
Sam Bullock Wall
Chad Wall
The Amphitheatre
Arch Area
The Preamble
Mt Emily
Mt Augusta
Mt Beals
Mt Learmont
Browning Range
Styx River
Commodore Ridge
Kokatahi River
Toaroha River
Mt Park
Vincent Pk
Button Pk
Derwent Crags
Mt Tarleton
Mt McWhirter
2160m Col
Laws Pk
Mt Martius
The Tusk
Ragged Pk
Mt Beaumont
Nichin Pk
Pt 2084
Sawtooth Ridge
Mt Thorndike
Seddon Col
Whitcombe Pass
Whitcombe River
Galena Ridge
Tuke River
Mikonui River
Artist Dome
Mt Bloomfield
Smyth Saddle
Red Lion Col
Full Moon Saddle
County Stream
Ivory Lake
Waitaha River
Mueller Pk
Mt Lord
2100m Col
Malcolm Col
Evans River
Vane Stream
Lord River
Adams River
Mt Stoddart
Gadarene Col
Lambert Col
Satan Saddle
Pt 2278
Pt 2324
Pt 2314
Tensing Ridge
Mt Moreton
The Great Unknown
Little Unknown
Mt Barlow
Vertebrae Col
Mt Farrar
Devils Backbone
Mt Hulka
Iceland Col
Arethusa Icefall
Angel Col
Guardian Pk
Icefall Lookout
Adams Col
Pt 2327
Pt 2420
Snowy Pk
Garden of Allah Ice Plateau
Garden of Eden Ice Plateau
Artemis Pk
Avalon Pk
Smith Pk
Mt Tri
Wanganui River
Poerua River
Barlow Saddle
Barlow River
Perth River
Bamford Knob
Tohunga Pk
Pt 2014
Mt Whataroa
Mt Rangatira
Mt Ariki
2250m Col
Mt Allan Dick
Dog Kennel Pk
Mt Barrowman
Pt 1838m
Roderick Pk
Mt Peter
Mt Alec
Wilczek Pk
Mt Park
Callery Saddle
McFetrick Pk
Gunn Pk
Buck Rock
Gumboot Ledge
Butler River South Branch
Butler River
Waitangitaona River
Gunn Ridge
Whataroa River
Gizeh Col
Avoca Col
Greenlaw Col
Avoca River
Whitehorn Pass
Mt Marianne
Mt Pope
Popes Pass
Noti Raureka Browning Pass
Hall Col
Grave Col
Mt Lilian
Five Jagged Pks
Mt Walter
Reeses Ridge
Mt Keddell
Farquharson Saddle
Mt Ethel
Mt Scott
Mt Camsell
Mt Griffiths
Griffiths Saddle
Cabot Ridge
Mt Fitzgerald
Commodore Pk
Clarkes Pass
Mt Ambrose
Hokitika Saddle
Mungo Pass
Mungo Pk
Mt Treadwell
Mt Treadwell
Pt 1988
Moa Saddle
Burnett Stream
Gifford Stream
Griffiths Stream
Gibson Stream
Unknown Stream
Moa Stream
Kiwi Stream
Wilberforce River
Turret Pk
Jacks Hill
Mt Williams
Unknown Col
Mystery Pk
Mt Kai Iwi
Mt Harrison
Shafto Pk
Mt Kensington
Mt Ballance
Mt Stout
Mt Notman
Mt Tregear
Gerard Pk
Mt Tancred
Mathias Pass
Urquhart Pk
Comyns Pk
Mt Marion
Mt Carl
Mt Frieda
Kea Pass
Mt Young
Mt Split Open
Mt Warner
Observation Cone
Boundary Creek
West Mathias River
South Mathias River
Jerusalem Stream
Mathias River
Hinge Pk
Mt Neave
Pt 2098
Cattle Stream
Duncan Creek
Mt Butler
Butler Range
The Amazons Breasts
Lauper Stream
Erewhon Col
Erewhon Pk
Menace Gap
Mt Roberts
Strachan Pass
Mt Wanda
Mt Westland
Mt Kinkel
Mt Ramsay
2130m Col
2070m Col
Hidden Pk
Gusty Col
The Spires
The Steeple
Pt 2440
Mt Murray
Mt Medhurst
Bastion Pks
Reischek Col
Boulder Col
Kirk Stream
Unnamed stream
Reischek Stream
Jagged Stream
Peg Col
Tent Pk
Prop Pk
Jagged Col
The Battlement
East Horn
Pito Pk
South Pk
Hakatere Pk
Ashburton Pk
Cameron Col
Couloir Pk
The Twins
Tower Pk
Upham Pk
Lawrence Pk
Cameron River
Rakaia River
Hakatere River
North Pk
Lawrence Col
Red Pk
Mt Gould
Chowbok Col
Jollie Sisters
Butler Saddle
Ambrose Saddle
Mt Jollie
Musterers Col
Bandolero Col
Bandit Pk
The Sentinel
Crossbow Saddle
Battleaxe Col
Scimitar Pk
Spearpoint Pk
Nym Pk
Toledo Col
Bardolph Pk
Pistol Pk
Gladiator Col
Mt Goethe
Pt 2246
View Pk
Review Pk
Mt Nicholson
McCoy Col
Rangitata Col
Baker Pk
Perth Col
Quoin Pk
Lawrence River
Sinclair River
Billy McCoy Stream
McCoy Stream
Frances River
Mt Nolan
Clyde River
Hourglass & Centre Walls
Upper Walls
Mt Onslow
Ferrar Pk
Cloudy Stream
Fan Col
Veil Col
Tauroa Pk
Trireme Pk
Helmet Pk
Veil Pk
Veil Stream
Schrund Pk
Disappointment Saddle
Sceptre Pk
Rankin Pk
Milne Pk
Sword Pk
Gunn Pass
Eric Twins
Dolphin Pk
Dennistoun Pass
Hidden Col
McClure Pk
St Winifred Col
Eric Stream
St Winifred Stream
Separation Col
Twilight Col
Easy Col
Forbes River
Murphy Stream
Carneys Creek
Camp Creek
The Growler
Mount Cargill
Buttars Peak
Alma Stream
Black Birch Creek
Rangitata River
Captains Pk
Mt Pattisson
Mt Caton
Pt 2345
Pt 2343
Split Pks
Pt 2327
Two Thumb Stream
Graf Spee
Mt Chevalier
North East Gorge Stream
East Sentinel
Macaulay River
Victoria Range
Bouldering (Long Side) (CLOSED)
Long Side. Right Hand End (CLOSED)
Pt 1864
Broken Heart Wall
South Wye Valley
Wall of the Evening Light
The Flight Deck
Border Crag
Lake Alta Slabs
East Buttress Double Cone
Foggy Pk
South Face
North West Face
Port Chalmers Quarry
Poo Pond Crag
Long Side, Central Section (CLOSED)
Kowhai Crag
Veteran Pk
Picnic Spot
Cirque of the Climbables
Petit Dur
Mighty Dur
Taiaroa South Pk
Classic Wall
Mt Odell
North End Slabs
Ferry Terminal Slab
Summit Crags
Minarapa Valley
Bobs Bluff
The Policeman
Organ Pipes Valley
Hongis Valley
Tahurangi Bluff
Hidden Wall
Humphries Castle West Face
Summit climbs from Kahui Road
Summit climbs from Holly Hut
Summit climbs from North Egmont
Summit climbs from East Egmont
Summit climbs from Dawson Falls
Ruffle Boulder
Sunset Wall
Little Transmitter
The Thumbs
Mt Tyndall
Pt 2347
Groove Col
Destiny Pk
Pt 2020
Project Wall
South Wye
Hold On to Your Face Wall
White Falls
Knee Cow Wall
The Red Slab
The Far End
The Goat Cave
The Pinnacles
Main Cliff
Indian Ocean Wall
Atlantic Wall
Pacific Wall
Lower Ocean Wall
Ocean Wall
Valley of the Oceans
Alcove Wall
Shopping Basket
Right-hand Buttress
Map 4
Map 3
Tubular Area (Area B)
Area A
Main Cliff / Lower Tier
Upper Cirque Central Wall
Upper Cirque Left Wall
Left Hand Buttresses
Whales Back
West Wall Seaward
Pyramid Wall
West Wall Middle
West Wall Left
Overhanging Wall
Long Wall Left
Lean-To Rock
Entrance Way
Bridging Boulders
Black Slab
The Slabs
Mt Armstrong
Split Apple Rock
Only the Good Die Young Wall
Routeburn North Branch
Route Burn
West Face
Searching for Sumo Buttress
The Notch
Bulge Gully
Animal Biscuit Valley
Main Cliff
Red Wall
Los Indignados Wall
Saturday Morning Special
The Bolt Buttress
Afterglow Buttress
First Buttress
Second Buttress
Washbourne Creek
Bivvy Rock
Lake Alta
Telecom Tower
West Face
Grey Wall
Javelin Wall
Amazon Pk
Wall of Sound
Eagle Rock
Borland Bluffs and Satellites
Abbey Caves
Mt Glorious
Scott Pk
Blizzard Pk
Splinter Pk
Pt 2074
South Face
Ocean Wall
Air Traffic Control Tower
Weka Wall
Punakaiki River
Wye Creek
Dry Valley
The Cave
Kingfisher Slabs
Orange Wall
Bullock Creek
The Arboretum
East Side
South Side
Ship Rock
Hanging Gardens
Red Wall
Bismarck Pks
John Pascoe Ridge
Dark Castle
Central Crags
Water Caves Wall
Karearea crag
Gecko crag
Honeycomb crag
Woolshed Creek
Unwin Crag
Lucky Strike
Rainbow Block
Confluence Crags
Borland Valley
Mt Arnold
The Altar @ Church Bay
Wuthering Heights
South Face
Seaward Face
Lime Quarry Scarp
Prebble Hill
Gorge Hill
Flock Hill
Castle Hill Basin
Quantum Field
Spittle Hill
South East Face (Ice routes)
North East Face
Fossil Point
Jollies Rocks
The Power Pussy Wall
West Face
Young River
Ugadu Boulder
Big Block
Skar Boulder
Boulder 5
Gecko Boulder
Roadside Boulder
Tinyship Boulder
Mothership Boulder
The West Face
The South Face
Western Block
The Sticks
Eastern Block
East Face
Mt Attica
Mt Dreadful
Mt Dispute
Trident Pk
Mt Achilles
The Sentinel
Mt Juno
Mt Arne
Mt Clio
Mt Perseus
Leda Pk
Mercury Pk
Apollo Pk
Pegasus Pk
Helena Pk
Mt Crosscut
Mt Taurus
Wilkin River
Tantalus Rock
Lois Pk
Moncrieff Pk
Aeroplane Pk
Camera Cove
Mt Avalanche East Pk
Popes Nose
Mt Bevan
Mt Joffre
Mt French
Rolling Pin
Matukituki River East Branch
North West Ridge
North Face
South Face
Plunket Dome
Mt Ansted
Glengyle Pk
Shark’s Tooth
Homestead Pk
Glenfinnan Pk
Matukituki River West Branch
Matukituki River
Islington Dome
Mt Liverpool
Humboldt Tower
Marion Tower
Mt Maoriri
Pivot Pk
Pt 2348
Mt Delta
Mt Gamma
Mt Alpha
The Snowman
Key Dome
Mt Amundsen
Mt Tiber
Mt Victoria
Bernard Pk
Mt Nansen
Stefansson Pk
Gino Pk
Hedin Pk
Betty Pk
Mallory Pk
Irvine Pk
Sunset Pk
Corinna Pk
Brenda Pk
Turret Head
Dart River
Mt Cunningham
Mt Clarke
Ellie Pk
East Osonzac Twins Pk
West Osonzac Twins Pk
Rees River
Fiery Pk
Ramsay Glacier
Niobe Pk
Mt Chaos
Ocean Pk
Seaward Boulder
Peraki Valley
Kaituna Valley
Port Levy
Lefthand Buttress
Middle Buttress
Upper Tier
Ribtickler Cliff
Forsyth Crags
Tabletop Crag
Pinnacle Cliffs
Fifth Cliff
Fourth Cliff
Third Cliff
Second Cliff
First Cliff
Starvation Gully
Next valley over
Ridgeline Cliff
Central Buttress
Lower Lefthand Cliff
Level Left Cliff
Three Crack Cliff
Fenceline Cliff
Upper Left Cliff
Upper Right Cliff
Lower Right Cliff
Pigeon Bay
Wok Face, Upper Tier
The Wok Face
The Soup Bowl
Chopsticks Cliff- Right-hand Section
Chopsticks Cliff- Lefthand Section
Mainline Cliff
Martyr Cliff
Main Cliff - Far Right Buttress
Main Cliff - The Yak Pasture
Mao Tse-Tung Buttress
Horizon Cliff
Lower Cliffs
Elcho–Huxley Mountains
Low Boulder
Yellow Belly Boulder
Boulder Six
Boulder Five
Boulder Four
Boulder Three
Boulder Two
Boulder One
Cobb River
Count Duckular Wall
Waipu Caves Scenic Preserve
Waipu Cove
The Island
The Main Crag
The Top Rocks
Ngahere Drive
Upper West Slab
South Buttress
Summit Slab
Northeast Slabs
Pukepohatu Bald Rock
Sawyer's Crag
Sebastopol Bluffs
Seamonsters Wall
Pt 2010
Pt 1971
North Face
U Pass
Students Pk
Mt Park
Pt 1843
Flat Top Pk
Aragorn Pk
Cirque Creek Bluffs
Psychopath Wall
South Face
Homer Tunnel Bluffs
Monkey Creek
Falls Creek
Mistake Creek
Hut Creek
The Right-hand Wall
The Left-hand Wall
Right Side
Hidden Wall
Chillout Ledge
Left Side
Bowen Col
Odyssey Pk
Mt Ada
Access Pk
Donne Face
Donne Face (South West Face)
Mt Philipps
Llawrenny Pks North Pk
Mitre Pk High Pk
Mitre Pk Middle Pk
Te Herenga
Pikipari Pass
Mt Crosscut West Pk
Pancake Boulder
Stinky Boulder
Boulder 1
Flax Slab
East Face
The Pinnacle
Low Tide Boulder
Patuki Col
South East Face
Karetai Col
Boulder 6
West Face
South Face
Darran Pass
West Twin
East Twin
The Sentinel North Pk
Boulder 5
Boulder 4
Waterworn Boulder
Undertoe Boulder
Boulder 1
The Back Blocks
South West Face
North Face
Little Brown Slab
Gill's Bivvy Slabs
Phil’s Bivvy Slabs
North Face
North West Face
North Buttress
North East Face
Mt Hunka
Mt Gifford Low Pk
Mt Gifford East Pk
North East Face
Bobs Buttress
Pt 2060
South Face
Mt Christina East Pk
Mt Christina South Pk
Mt Christina North Pk
East Face
Milne-Tarewai Col
Turner Pass
Mt Crosscut Second Pk
West Face
Barrier Crosscut Col
Barrier Bluffs
Pt 2319
Wrinkle Buttress
North Face
Summit Pyramid
Pt 2072
Mt Glen Lyon
Grasshopper Wall
Pt 2070
South Face
Grave Talbot Pass
South-East Face
North Face
Moir Slab
South Face
South Face
South-west Face
West Face
Diamond Face
Pt 1975
Pt 2038
Pt 2151
Pt 2230
Pt 2277
Pt 2167
Highlander Pk
Celtic Pk
Leaning Mount
North Face
South Face
From the Milford Road
Charismatic Wall (Pt 1655)
Lloyd Pk
Basin Pk
Mt Gendarme
Cirque Pk
Gulliver Pk
Mitre Pk
Little Matterhorn
The Elephant
Mitis Pk
The Lion
Barren Pk
Benton Pk
Mills Pk
Cascade Pk
Mt Underwood
Troglodyte Pk
Mt Parariki
Halfway Pk
Puketuroto Pk
Tutoko Knob
Lantern Pk
Mt Jack
Mt Hooker
Mt Gow
Ngapunatoru Plateau
Upper Otoko Pass
Lower Otoko Pass
Mt Gorden
Mt Hawkins
Mt Matheson
Mt Elliot
Mueller Pass
Mt Townsend
Karangarua Saddle
Mt Howitt
Douglas Pass
Awatea Pk
Harrison River
Bowen River
Christopher Col
Mt Syme
Mt Milne
Mt Tarewai
Pakihaukea Pass
Mt Whaitiri
Crampon Pass
Mt Tuhawaiki
Taiaroa Pk
Tūtoko River
Donne River
Kaipo River
Stick-Up Creek
Glacier Creek
Cleft Creek
Te Puoho Glacier
Mt Revelation
Mihj Pk
The Twins
Morning After Slab
Bog Farmer Slabs
Sickle Crack Crag
Homer Tunnel Slabs
Homer Saddle Crag
Homer Saddle
Mt Belle
Adelaide Pk
Mt Gunn
Mt Lyttle
Gertrude Valley
Wills River–Long Flat Creek Saddle
Moraine Creek
Caples Creek
Marian Creek
Cirque Creek
West Face
Mt Wray
Wills Pass
Pt 2316
Mt Holdsworth
Mt Tylee
Mt Greenfield
Wilson Pass
Hassing Pk
Lower Studholme Pass
Upper Studholme Pass
Watkins Dome
Square Top
Wills Pk
Mt Maitland
Mt Pearson
Mt Giles
Wairere Boulders
Bernard Col
Adams Pk
Mt Wilson
1935m Pass
Kumara Tarn Pass
West Wall
North Face
West Face
Balfour Face
Hidden Face
Mt Rigel
Mt Heim
Mt Barth
Mt Calvin
Mt Wyn Irwin
Pt 2303
Chosspile Pk
Pt 2414
Mt Stafford
Pt 2472
Gunsight Pass
South Face
Elusive Pk
Mt Hiwiroa
Big Mac
Temple Ahuriri Saddle
North Face
Pakeke Pk
Abel Janszoon Face
Pt 2200
Bruce Pk
Pt 2246
Ram Hill
Stony Pk
Heemskirk Face
The Buttress
Marcel Face
Mt Coates
Separation Stream
Jacqueline Col
Grey Pass
Mt Humdinger
Grey Pk
West Face
Mt Alack
South Face
Moonshine Buttress
South Face
Rarangi Wall
Monkey Bay Main Wall
South West Face
West Face
Spencer Face
Whataroa Saddle
West Face of Brodrick Pk
Classen Saddle
Reay Face
Mt Chudleigh South Pk
Mt Chudleigh Middle Pk
Langdale Buttress
Lower Cliff
Beetham Crag
East Face
Mt Cooper
Jollie Saddle
Ailsa Pass
Rutherford Pass
Godley Pass
Armadillo Saddle
Whymper Saddle
Mt Hikurangi
Starvation Saddle
South Face
Rose Pk
East Face of Malte Brun
Plimsoll Wall
Frind Pk
Malte Brun Pass
East Face of Mt Chudleigh
Reay Col
Darwin Buttresses
East Face
West Face
East Face
East Face
Anzac Pks
Cinerama Col
Caroline Face
North Face
South Face
On the back of The Dice
East Wall
West Wall Upper
Red Light Alley
Kain’s Cliffs
West Wall
Hemi’s Crag
Belfry Pk
Pt 2143
Huxley–Hunter Col
Pt 2090
Pt 2247
Pt 2235
Pt 2265
Pt 2208
Taiaha Pk
Pt 2030
Stevenson Pk
Protuberance Pk
Mt Mackenzie
Hammerack Pk
College Pk
Brodrick Pass
V Notch Pass
Strauchon Face
South Face
Gledhill Buttress
South Face
Hooker Face
Sheila Face
South Face
East Face
East Face
South East Face
Mt Ollivier
Pt 2100
Baker Pk
Mt Sinclair
Hut Pk
Gillies Pk
Mt Trent
Mt Fraser
Fraser Col
Mt Dobson
Surveyors Col
Mt Kitson
Welch Pk
Chloe Col
Barron Pk
Mt Hickson
Elcho Pass
Mt Dundas
Mt Clark
Mt Marchant
Mt Browning
Mt Nihokohatu
Mt Williams
Mt Humphries
Charity Col
Mt Arthur
Mockery Col
Waimak Whale Crag
Red Hut Buttress
Pt 2356
Pt 2260
Pt 2385
Pt 2376
Dasler Pinnacles
Benross Pk
Mt Glenisla
Armistice Pk
Tragedy Col
Prudence Pk
Faith Col
Mt Foster
Thunderdome Area
Left Side
Red Wall
Susie's Slab
Feeding Time Wall
Rage Wall
Mr Clean Wall
St Mildred Pk
Newton Rocks
Mt Elie de Beaumont West Pk
Mt Forbes
Mt Earle
Mt D’Archiac
Revelation Col
The Onlooker
The Commander
Pyramus Pk
Terra Nova Pass
Pt 2283
Dennistoun Pk
Malthus Pk
Stewart Saddle
Mt Shyness
Mt Petermann
Sealy Pass
McKinnon Pk
Cumine Pk
Gorrie Pk
Mt Victoire
White Pyramid
Mt Wolseley
Mt Kennedy
Maud Pass
Mt Walton
Mt Sutton-Turner
Mt Marie
Flanagan Pass
Pt 2196
Mackenzies Pk
Gordon Pk
Mt Fletcher
Mt Frances
Kaimakamaka Pks
Seymour Pk
Mt Loughnan
Takrouna Pk
Alamein Pk
Cassino Pk
Panorama Pk
Bruce Murray
Upton Pk
Mt Livingstone
Mt Moffat
Mt Huss
Mt Mannering
Godley Glacier
Maud Glacier
Grey Glacier
Classen Glacier
Mt Crusader
Mt Koeti
Taramakau River
Mt Row
Mt Byrne
Mt Wilkinson
Brass Pk
Mt Blackburn (Rotten Tommy)
Mt Little
Mt Bruce
The Acolyte
The Nuns Veil
Mt Biretta (Priest’s Cap)
Monastery Pk
The Abbess
The Abbott
Jollie Pks
Mt Jukes
Mt Lucia
Mt Tamaki
Mt Ronald Adair
Mt Kenneth
The Ant-hill
Mt Richmond
Coopers Mate
Granity Pass Hut
Mt Patriarch
Billies Knob
Culliford Hill
Mt Bell
Mt Owen
Dragon's Teeth
Mt Sydney King
Mt Phyllis
Graceful Pk
Brodrick Pk
Abbey Pass
Beetham Crags
Novara Pk
Mt Malcher
Mt Johnson
Mt Nathan
Aiguilles Rouges
Mt Rumdoodle
Mt Turnbull
Haeckel Pk
Anatoki Pk
Douglas Range
Mt Kain
Mt Abel
North Twin
Winter Pk
Tasman Saddle
Mt Aylmer
Lendenfeld Saddle
Mt Walter
Divers Col
Mt Green
Mt Meeson
Mt Vic
Mt Coronet
Mt De la Beche
Graham Saddle
Moonlight Pk
Mt Goldsmith
Mt Rudolf
Mt Aigrette
Mt Jervois
Mt Meteor
Mt Aurora
Mt Frederick Gardiner
Mt Spencer
Conway Pk
Bristol Top
Glacier Pk
Mt Haidinger
Mt Dixon
Marcel Col
Lendenfeld Pk
Engineer Col
Pioneer Pass Governor Col
Mt Graham
Mt Drake
Clarke Saddle
Mt Teichelmann Rakirua
Mt Vancouver
Mt Dampier Rakiroa
Mt Unicorn
Dilemma Pk
Baker Saddle
Balfour Glacier
Franz Josef Glacier Kā Roimata-a-Hinehukatere
Spencer Glacier
Godley River
Tasman River
Murchison Glacier
Mt Wakefield
Mt Kinsey
Mt Rosa
Ball Pass
Turner Pk
Mt Pibrac
Aoraki Mt Cook Low Pk
Aoraki Mt Cook Middle Pk
Mt Hicks
Harper Saddle
Mt Low
Beatrice Pk
Mt Raureka
Edith Pk
Lean Pk
Copland Pass
Madonna Pk
Du Faur Pk
Cadogan Pk
The Footstool
Tasman Glacier
Grand Plateau
Ball Glacier
La Perouse Glacier
Strauchon Glacier
Hooker Glacier
Mt Brunner
Mt Stephen
Brunner Col
Sharks Teeth
Mt Thomson
Eagle Pk
Mt Maunga Ma
Twain Col
Mt Eric
Mt Isabel
Mt Bannie
Vampire Pk
Fyfe Pass
Mt McKerrow
Black Tower Pk
Mt Montgomerie
Scissors Pk
Barron Saddle
Mt Darby
Mt Jeanette
Mt Jean
Mt Massey
Sladden Saddle
Mt Annette
Mt Kitchener
Mueller Glacier
Mt Arthur
Games Room
Kaitake Range
Pt 2306
Ferintosh Pk
Glentanner Pk
Pt 2466
Sunshine Buttress
Red Rock Buttress
Upper Shindig Gully
Shindig Gully
The Fin
Possum Folly Slabs
Siberia Wall
Wingers Wall
Upper Wall
Slabs to right of Central Buttress
The Central Buttress
Wall above the Terrace
The Lower Wall
Glacier Gully Routes
Mt Moki
Enid Pk
Mt Humboldt
Waiau Uwha River
Pt 2138
Mt Dorothy
Mt Magdalene
Gunsight Pass
Pt 2149
Mt Misery
Mt Windward
Mt Mahanga
Pt 2220
Pt 2200
Pt 2232
Pt 2291
Sabine River
Mt Franklin
Robert Ridge
Pt 2140
Begley Saddle
Pt 2156
Pt 2152
Wairau River
Travers River
Mt Guinevere
Mt Dora
Paske Saddle
Mt Paske
Pt 2136
Pt 2142
Rainbow River
Begley Creek
Connors Creek
Belvedere Pk
Kehu Pk
Cotterell Pk
The Camel
Hamilton River
Pt 2169
Pt 2152
Rainbow Skifield
Otterson Stream, Winterton River and Tone Rivers
Hodder River
Southerly Front Slab
Waiau Toa Clarence River
Hapuku River
Kowhai River
Pt 2311
Shattered Pk
Mt Saunders
Turk Mountain
Luna Ridge
Kendall Ridge
Grange Ridge
Mt Hutton
Tower Pk
Pt 1405
Mt Memphis
Pt 1419
Pt 1406
Pt 1419
Aubrey Pk
Mt Martin
Pt 1425
Pt 1425
Pt 1424
Pt 1426
Pt 1426
Pt 1433
Kathryn Pk
Pt 1426
Pt 1435
Macs Knob
Mt Wera
Pt 1436
Pt 1437
Pt 1436
Pt 1446
Mt Pluvius
Pt 1440
Pt 1447
Jacks Brother
Mt Lodge
Mt Richards
Summit Rock
Pt 1450
Mt Euclid
Rocky Tor
Pt 1455
Mt Nicholas
Mt Crawford
Pt 1461
Pt 1465
Cone Pk
Pt 1462
Pt 1467
Pt 1466
Mt Cotton
Glasgow South
Mt Murchison
Pt 1473
Te Ruatakaikare
Pt 1474
Pt 1474
Trig N Tarn
Pt 1476
Pt 1475
Leaning Pk
McDonnell Pk
Pt 1480
Pt 1478
Mid Dome
Mt Longsight
Pt 1480
Mt Faraday
Pt 1483
Black Mount
Pt 1485
Pt 1494
Pike Pk
Pt 1485
Pt 1485
Double Pk
North Dunton
Mt Gore
Pt 1497
Mt Danae
Pt 1492
Pt 1499
Pt 1499
Mackintosh Knob
Mt Pelion
Mt Watney
Pt 1507
Mt Grant
Te Pukeohikarua
Pt 1511
Mt Allen
Pt 1516
Pt 1513
Mt Troup
Wether Summit
Mt Chisholm
Te Ruataniwha Ben Ohau
Nugget Knob
Mt Nimrod Kaumira
Mt Uriah
Pt 1526
The Haystack
Jollie Brook
Mt Baird
Pt 1535
Mariners Pk
Mt Hector
Mt Malingson
Shale Pk
Pt 1539
Pt 1538
Mt Tinsley
Excelsior Pk
The Rampart
Pt 1542
Mt Tennyson
Pt 1544
Pt 1549
Paradise Pk
Pt 1552
Mt St Cuthbert
Pt 1556
Albert Edward Pk
Pt 1558
Mt Maury
Pt 1562
Purple Topmost
Flecked Pk
Pt 1565
Mt Puteketeke
Mt Bain
Pt 1568
Pt 1572
Pt 1574
White Pk
Snowdon Pk
Pt 1577
Tawake Tohunga
Pt 1578
Cleughearn Pk
Koinga Pk
Pt 1581
Pt 1580
Herbert North
Pt 1583
Green Hill
Pt 1586
Pt 1585
Cloudy Range
Devils Pk
Quartz Knoll
Mt Gomorrah
Pt 1594
Pt 1593
Mt Hewson
Mt George
Pt 1595
Mt Webster
Mt Fyffe
Mt Nessing
Pt 1600
Conical Hill
Gerald Pk
Mt Mantell
Pt 1605
Battlement Pk
Pt 1606
Pt 1606
Mt Donald
Ben Dhu
Pt 1615
Pt 1615
Mt Cusack
Mt Tekoa
Alma Pk
Coal Hill
Pt 1617
Pt 1617
Lead Hills
Mt Lockett
Pt 1620
Pt 1622
Jackson Pks
Clark Pk
Bowen Pk
Mt Max
Mt Puttick
False Pk
Pavilion Pk
Mt Luna
Pt 1634
Spence Pk
Mt Oakden
Mt Kemp
Pt 1636
Mt Kyeburn
Mt Beta
Mt Thunder
Mt Victoria
Black Giants
Red Hill
Pt 1640
Mt Pisgah
Mt Fishtail
Mt Domett
Pt 1644
Mt Daniel
Pt 1645
Pt 1645
Mt Burns
Hoary Head
Pt 1646
Pt 1646
Pt 1652
Coronet Pk
Pt 1650
Pt 1654
Tripps Pk
Pt 1652
Pt 1658
Mt Maria
Mt Soaker West
Pt 1658
Pt 1665
Dromedary Hill
Black Pk
Ferny Gair
Pt 1666
Pt 1671
Pt 1670
Pt 1670
Mt Skiddaw
Pt 1672
South Kidd
High Clayton
Mt Edgar
Pt 1675
Pt 1674
Pt 1677
Pt 1677
Pt 1682
Black Cone
Purple Hill
Corner Pk
Pt 1682
Mt Crowfoot
Pt 1684
Mt Eldon North
Dagon West
Te Atuaoparapara
Gordons Top
Pt 1690
Pt 1688
Mt Somers
Mt Cann
Mt Barnicoat
Mt Southey
Pt 1694
Pt 1694
Mt Newton
Pt 1695
Iron Hill
Mt Ida
Mt Winterslow
Pt 1698
Mt Skedaddle
Te Hau
Mt Campbell
Red Mountain
Caroline Pk
Mt Pfeifer
Pt 1709
Pt 1708
Mt St Andrew
Dana Pks
Mt Action
Mt Solution
Brown Hill
Pt 1715
Pt 1715
Mt Bertha
Mt Morrison
Back of the Outpost
Pt 1720
Pt 1720
Pt 1723
Mt Lookup
Mt Tuke
Pt 1726
Pt 1730
Aorere Pk
Mt McDougall
Mt Rintoul
Pt 1730
Pt 1734
Snowy Top
Crown Pk
Pt 1734
Pt 1740
Pt 1737
Mt Terako
Mt White
Pt 1740
Pt 1746
Mt Carrington
Mt Peel
Ben Lomond
Flat Mount
Mt Tinline
Mt Soho
Ivess Pk
Mt Dalgety
Pt 1754
Pt 1753
Mt Duncan
Mt Richmond
Pt 1755
Peveril Pk
Pt 1757
Pt 1757
Matenga Pk
Pt 1764
Mt Owen
Mt Kendall
Coronation Pk
Pt 1777
Pt 1775
Pt 1774
Devil River Pk
Mt Reeves
Pt 1779
Mt Lakeman
Pt 1780
Kakapo Pk
Pt 1782
Pt 1786
Pt 1785
Mt Warren
Maungakura Red Hill
Mt Gilbert
Pt 1796
Pt 1793
Mt Scarface
Mt Campbell
Walter Pk
Mt Troy
Pt 1802
Disappearing Pks
Mt Foweraker
Knuckle Pk
Rough Ridge
Mt Dick
The Joker
Pt 1804
The Twins
Mt Barron
Skelmorlie Pk
Pt 1812
Black Mountain
Pt 1815
Mt O’Connor
Mt Stephenson
Lady of the Snows
Mt Freyberg
Countess Pk
Totara Pk
Ferrier Pk
Mt Danger
Mt Harper Mahaanui
Pt 1828
Pt 1835
Mons Sex Milia
Mt Ajax
Ben More
Mt Emerson
Middle Pk
Gray Hill
Pt 1843
Pt 1846
Sutherlands Pk
Consolation Pk
Pt 1848
Mt Balloon
Pt 1852
Mt Kruse
Wild Mans Hill
Mt Eglinton
Tara Tama
Mt Snowdon
Cleft Pk
Pt 1856
Mt Diomede East Pk
Mt Stuart
Mt Irene
Mt Jervois
Pt 1860
Mt Binser
Mt Harris
Mt Selborne
Mt Franklin
Mt Technical
Pt 1865
Esk Head
Torres Pk
Mt Crichton
Mt Stanley
Pt 1875
Cascade Top
Hawkdun Top
Steepface Hill
Pt 1885
Sheerdown Pk
Pt 1889
Mt Kirkliston
Mt Lyall
Pt 1890
Mt Longfellow
Pt 1892
Pt 1892
Symmetry Pks
Remote Pks
Pt 1907
Pt 1905
Seton Pk
Mt Turnbull
Mt Nerger
Pt 1907
Mt Peculiar
Mt Lathrop
Ohau Pk
Pt 1912
Pt 1916
Young Pk
Pt 1919
Pt 1918
Philosophers Knob
Pt 1920
Mt Victor
Black Rocks
Mistake Pk
Joe Pk
Mt Melina
Mt Mitchelson
Misty Pk
Mt Nox
Chest Pk
Mt Cardrona
Mt Jumbo
Llawrenny Pks High Pk
Mt Domett
Apirana Pk
Pt 1945
Mt Clara
Toreador Pk
Pt 1946
Pt 1952
Pt 1956 (Leven Pk)
Mt Anau
Pt 1948
Pt 1958
Mt Alexander
Turks Head
Pt 1961
Mt Bowen
Mt Pisa
Pt 1972
Jean Batten Pk
Eyre Pk
Mt Stratford
Mt Axis
Cecil Pk
Mt Renegade
The Spurs
Barrier Pk
Pt 1993
Mt Elliot
Fingals Head
West Teat
Castle Hill Pk
Pt 1996
Minos Pk
Mt Shrimpton
Pt 2007
Mt Sutton
Buchanan Pks
Mt Doris
Wild Brother
Pt 2007
Mt Patriarch
Mt Pembroke
Mt Sebastopol
Turret Pk
Triangle Pk
Pt 2020
Jane Pk
Pt 2022
Mt Turnbull
Pt 2023
Pt 2026
Pt 2025
Pt 2024
McClimont Pk
Mt Vesta
Souter Pk
Pt 2030
Pt 2036
Pt 2043
Pt 2042
Blue Mountain
Mt Eliot
Treble Cone
Mt Hyde
Mt Albert
Tooth Pk
Pt 2059
James Pk
Upper Pk
Mt Sinclair
Head Pk
Pt 2077
Mt Barry
Pt 2082
Shattered Pk
McGloin Pk
Godley Pk
Tobacco Top
Mt Catherine
Mt Cabot
Mt St Bathans
Tent Pk
Weary Summit
Pt 2093
David Pks
Rosy Pk
Pt 2096
Pt 2096
Mt Talbot
Moffat Pk
End Pk
Grey Top
Mt Weld
Pt 2108
Pt 2116
Pt 2114
Mt Iris
Pariroa Castle Mount
Pt 2117
Major Pk
Mt Princess
The Gladiator
Pt 2128
Pt 2127
Mt Twilight
Pt 2135
Pt 2131
Mt Kuri
Pt 2140
Mt Gifford
Pt 2142
Pt 2151
Mt Turner
Pt 2149
Mt Charlton
Sabre Pk
Pt 2161
Scotts Knob
Ngatimamoe Pk
Dillon Cone
Paranui Pk
Dragonfly Pk
Mt Bryce
Mt Marshman
Pt 2175
Mt Hutt
Mt Potts
Pt 2182
Big Hill
Minaret Pks
Mt Awful
Pt 2198
Paku Pk
Alice Pk
Mt Repulse
Mt German
Mt Tole
Triple Pk
Steeple Pk
Mt Halcombe
Mt Chittenden
Craigroyston Pk
Pt 2210
Mt Adams
Junction Pk
Pt 2211
Mt Grave
Ben Nevis
Poseidon Pk
Lyttle Pk
Faerie Queene
McNulty Pk
Fog Pk
Mt Aurum
Cosmos Pks
Mt Barff
St Bernard
Mt Ragan
Query Pk
Pt 2257
Mt Crosscut East Pk
Mt Ella
Mt Ionia
Mt McCullaugh
Backbone Pk
Tongue Spur Summit
Mt Maitland
Amphion Pk
Rabbiters Pk
Mt Aeolus
Black Pk
Temple Pk
Pyramid Pk
Mt Una
Mathers Pk
Taranaki Pk
Mt Larkins
Mt McKay
Mt Misery
Bonds Pk
Mt Tūwhakarōria
Pt 2312
Pt 2311
Fox Pk
Mt Johnstone
Double Cone
Mt Taylor
Mt Copland
Ark West
Heim Plateau
Dan Pk
Abseil Pk
Mt Edison
Mt St Mary
Mt Alta
Mt Bonpland
Park Dome
The Marquee
Lennox Pass
Mt Reticence
Otira Slabs
Albert Pk
Glacier Dome
Mt Ross
Mt Alba
Mt Enderby
Anita Pk
Outlaw Pk
Mt Strauchon
Fastness Pk
Outram Pk
Mt Symons
Pt 2403
Cloudy Pk
Soloist Pk
Pt 2413
Mt Farrar
Pt 2414
Mt Lambert
Mt Radove
Pt 2444
Mt Kensington
Mt Jackson
Fettes Pk
Pt 2447
Climax Pk
Mt Percy Smith
Pt 2459
Lauper Pk
Mt Ferguson
Mt Christina
Wright Col
Blair Pk
Triad Pk
Dun Fiunary
Mt Glencairn
Mt Tyndall
Mt Huxley
Mt Ian
Malcolm Pk
Mt Tewha
Mt Lydia
Mt Brewster
Mt Castor
Mt Pollux
Mt Maori
Newton Pk
Mt William Grant
Mt Acland
Mt Strachan
The Warrior
Leary Pk
Te Ao Whekere
Mt Head
Pt 2184
Mt Conrad
Mt Glenmary
Cockayne Glacier
Mt Avalanche
Mt Edward
Mt Evans
Sir William Pk
Mt Sealy
Le Receveur
Pt 2218
Mt Mallory
Niger Pk
Mt Ward
Rob Roy Pk
Mt Dechen
King Pk
Moira Pk
Mt Whitcombe
Mt Tutoko
Jagged Pk
Mt Hopkins
Mt Burns
Mt Sibbald
Mt Arrowsmith
Mt Hutton
Drummond Pk
Hochstetter Dome
Mt Aspiring Tititea
Mt Hamilton
Mt Chudleigh
La Perouse
Douglas Pk
Malte Brun
Mt Sefton
Mt Elie de Beaumont
Mt Annan
The Corner Store
Mt Tasman Horokoau
Why Wall
Half Moon Slab
Twin Stream
Fifteen Mile Spur
D’Urville River
Pt 2418
Mt Dark
Kai Tarau
Mauka Atua
Mt Brown
Pt 2428
Freds Stream Saddle
One Hundred Dollar Face
Squirrel Face
Pyramid Face
Mt Lloyd
Mt Cran
Jamieson Saddle
Mt Edgar Thomson
The Caves
Deep Throat
Cosmic Wonder Krunch Wall
Bo Peep Slab
Rhinoceros Wall
Tilted Boulder
Swamp Rock
Blubberknife Boulder
Fish Fry
La Palma
Whale Boulder
Boulder Four
Boulder Three
Wall of Jugs
Bulkhead Boulder
Bulkhead Sector
Mt McRae
Stewart Island Rakiura
Red Block
Trackside Boulder
Breakdown Boulder
Boulder Three
Boulder Two
Wavelength Boulder
Wavelength Sector
Short Side (CLOSED)
Long Side, Left Hand Side (CLOSED)
AGS Rockwall (CLOSED)
St James Range
Leatham River
Kahurangi Richmond
Willberg Range
Winterslow Range
Wyndale Hills
Young Range
Wether Range
Whanahuia Range
Whangai Range
Whareama Range
Whitecoomb Range
Wild Mans Brother Range
Waewaepa Range
Waipara Range
Waitakere Ranges
Wakamarama Range
Wakarara Range
Wall Mountains
Waterfall Range
Wether Hills
Tubman Range
Turiri Range
Turret Pks
Turret Range
Tutamoe Range
Twenty Five Mile Range
Two Thumb Range
Umbrella Mountains
Umukarikari Range
Victoria Range
Tikitikiotari Range
Tin Range
Toaroha Range
Tobacco Range
Torlesse Range
Toupiroroa Range
Tower Hills
Townley Mountains
Trio Pks
Nelson Tops
The Nobbies
The Palisades
The Sierra Range
The Sisters
Thomas Range
Thomson Mountains
Thomson Range
Three Kings Range
Three Sisters
The Brothers
The Candlesticks
The Four Pks
The Haycocks
The Horn Range
The Humps
The Hunters Hills
The Knobbies
The Little Island Hills
The Black Hills
Tawake Tohunga Range
Taylor Range
Te Hiwiokaituri Ridge
Tekoa Range
The Big Island Hills
Tahuhunui Range
Takitimu Mountains
Tara Haoa Range
Tara Tama Range
Tararua Pks
Tararua Range
Taringatura Hills
Tasman Mountains
Tatare Range
Stowman Range
Strachan Range
Stronach Range
Stuart Mountains
Studleigh Range
Surrey Hills
Sylvia Tops
Symmetry Pks
Snow Cup Range
Snowdon Range
Snowdrift Range
Solution Range
Southern Alps Ka Tiritiri O Te Moana
Speculation Range
Spray Hills
Sherwood Range
Sibbald Range
Silver Peaks
Sinclair Range
Single Hill Range
Skippers Range
Slate Range
Smyth Range
Sheerdown Hills
Sawtooth Range
Scarlett Range
Schooner Range
Sealy Range
Selborne Range
Seven Hills
Rolleston Range
Round Downs
Round Hills
Ruahine Range
Ruggedy Mountains
Russell Range
St Bathans Range
St Cuthbert Range
St Marys Range
Retreat Pks
Rhoboro Hills
Richardson Mountains
Richmond Range
Rock And Pillar Range
Rockwood Range
Rollesby Range
Raukūmara Range
Razorback Range
Red Hills
Red Hills Range
Rachel Range
Ragged Range
Raggedy Range
Gloriana Pk
Puketeraki Range
Pleasant Range
Poplars Range
Potts Range
Pouakai Range
Poulter Range
Price Range
Princess Mountains
Pudding Hill Range
Paparoa Range
Peel Range
Pinnacle Ridge
Pisa Range
Pisgah Spur
Oronoko Range
Otupae Range
Pakihore Ridge
Palmer Range
Pancake Range
Ohau Range
Okuku Range
Old Man Hills
Old Man Range
Old Man Range Kopuwai
Old Woman Range
Olivine Range
Omoeroa Range
Opera Range
Organ Range
Murchison Mountains
Museum Range
Naumann Range
Navigator Range
Newton Range
North Range
Obelisk Range
Mt Somers Range
Middle Range
Mokai Patea Range
Moorhouse Range
Morgan Range
Motumatai Range
Mt Hutt Range
May Hills
McArthur Range
McBride Pks
McKerrow Range
McLaurin Range
Merrie Range
Meta Range
Mary Range
Mataketake Range
Mataura Range
Matiri Range
Matterhorn Mountains
Maximilian Range
Duessa Pk
Malte Brun Range
Manuka Range
Marguerite Pks
Marino Mountains
Marks Range
Marshall Range
Low Claytons
Low Hills
Lowry Peaks Range
Lyell Range
Maclennan Range
Macpherson Heights
Longman Range
Longwood Range
Lookout Range
Lord Range
Lange Range
Libretto Range
Liebig Range
Lintley Range
Little Range
Little Red Hill Range
Little Rhoboro Hills
Livingstone Mountains
Lockett Range
Kingsdown Hills
Kirkliston Range
Knobby Range
Lady Barker Range
Lammerlaw Range
Lammermoor Range
Kakanui Mountains
Kakapo Range
Karangarua Range
Kāweka Range
Kelly Range
Kepler Mountains
Kilcoy Mountains
Kaherekoau Mountains
Kaihiku Range
Kaimanawa Mountains
Kaimata Range
Iwituaroa Range
Jollie Range
Junction Range
Island Range
Hunter Mountains
Huxley Range
Ida Range
Idaburn Hills
Island Hills
Hohonu Peaks
Hohonu Range
Hokonui Hills
Hooker Range
Hope Range
Horse Range
Howitt Pks
Heath Mountains
Tapuae-o-Uenuku Hector Mountains
Herbert Range
Hewson Range
High Claytons
Hikurangi Range
Hillersden Corner
Hitchin Range
Hanmer Range
Harper Range
Harris Mountains
Haupiri Range
Hawk Range
Hawkdun Range
Hawkswood Range
Haycock Range
Grays Hills
Grey Range
Griffin Range
Haast Range
Hall Range
Gouland Range
Grampian Mountains
Gamack Range
Garvie Mountains
Glasgow Range
Glissa Range
Glynn Wye Range
Gordon Range
Four Peaks Range
Fox Range
Franklin Mountains
Fraser Peaks
Freyberg Range
Fritz Range
Front Grey Hills
Froude Range
Mt Suter
Matakitaki River
Ewe Range
Eyre Mountains
Family Pks
Fenian Range
Five Fingers Range
Forest Range
Doctors Hills
Dog Hills
Dogs Range
Domett Range
Double Tops
Doubtful Range
Douglas Range
Drake Range
Dunstan Mountains
Dunstan Range
Dunton Range
Dana Pks
Dark Cloud Range
Deceit Peaks
Devil Range
Diadem Range
Diedrichs Range
Dingwall Mountains
Dampier Range
Crawford Range
Criffel Range
Crimea Range
Crown Range
Culverden Range
Dalgety Range
Cloudy Peak Range
Commissioner Range
Copland Range
Cottons Sheep Range
Countess Range
Cox Hills
Craigieburn Range
Cathedral Peaks
Cavendish Hills
Centaur Pks
Chalk Range
Chimney Pks
Clay Range
Clent Hills
Burster Range
Butler Range
Cairnmuir Mountains
Camel Backs
Cameron Mountains
Campbell Hills
Campbell Range
Carrick Range
Cascade Range
Brabazon Range
Braeburn Range
Browning Range
Brunner Range
Bryant Range
Bryneira Range
Burnett Mountains
Burnett Range
Boddington Range
Braan Mountains
Black Umbrella Range
Blairich Range
Bloomfield Range
Blue Mountain Range
Blue Mountains
Big Ben Range
Big Hill Range
Big Range
Black Birch Range
Black Hill Range
Black Hills
Black Mountain Range
Barrier Range
Bealey Range
Beatrice Pks
Behind Peaks
Ben Mcleod Range
Ben Ohau Range
Benmore Range
Back Grey Hills
Baird Range
Bald Hill Range
Bald Range
Balfour Range
Banks Range
Bannock Brae Range
Bare Rocky Range
Barrier Peaks
Alexander Range
Alford Range
Allen Range
Amuri Range
Anatoki Range
Armoury Range
Arrowsmith Range
Wharepapa Arthur Range
Aurora Range
Adams Range
Agassiz Range
Albury Range
Temple Buttress
Mt Peterson
Barrier Range
Camp Spur Slabs
Speight Buttress
White River
Otehake River
Hawdon River
Edwards River
Deception River
Mingha River
Rolleston River
From Lake Sally
Otira River
Crow River
Bealey River
Waimakariri River
Philistine Bluffs
Jims Cliffs
Pukekaikiore Upper Tier
Pukekaikiore Lower Tier Left
Upper Tier
Bomb Bay Cliff
Misty Mountain Buttress
Middle Earth Crag
Mangatepopo Waterfall
Te Arawa Right
Te Arawa Left
Otira Face
Otira Face
Crow Face
Mt Rolleston Middle Pk
Mt Rolleston Low Pk
Waimakariri Col
East Face
The Sentinel
Armchair Theatre
Second Half Moon Crag
Half Moon Crag
Right End
Golden Wall
Main Wall
Trenchtown Buttress
The Triangle
Conical Hill
Mt Xenicus
Mt Darwin
Mt Erebus
Emily Pk
Ailsa Mountains
Serpentine Range
East Side
Mangaturuturu Valley
10K Cliffs
Right Side Main Wall
Left Side Main Wall
Platform Face
Mt Valiant
Rugged Pk
Smooth Pk
The Spike
Mt Williams
The Pyramid
The Dome
Mt Tarapuhi
Mt Russel
Mt Oates
Lovers Leap