Scunge wall

(7 routes)

At the time of development both Scunge Wall and the Pohutakawa cliff had
golden sand beaches at the base. The sand is long gone and the exposed rock
shelf is below the high tide mark. The climbing is still just as nice, and a bit
higher to boot, but you need to take a bit more care with the belays and starting
moves. You can traverse along the base of these cliffs at half tide and in flat
Left of here there is a low cliff composed of white, rounded rock, called Scunge wall.
Often sandy or salt encrusted, nevertheless there are a few good lines.

Reference Title Grade Length Quality Bolts Gone Natural pro Link to edit content
Lot's wife 16 20m
wire representing trad
Takes the laid back corner four metres right of the cave. Nice line with good pro and nice moves BUT salt encrusted rock and a scary traverse right at the top make it a bit of an epic.
Dave Campbell and Jo Haines 20/10/1991.
Mega surprise 14 15m
wire representing trad
Yes, Sally was surprised to find she has just climbed a new route, but then, that's Te Ananui for you! Take the middle line from the small pedestal, to top of the flake, then straight up for a sandy finish to the flax bushes.
Sally Rowe, Tracey Lee Dalton 17/4/1992.
Pohutukawa palace 16 15m
wire representing trad
Prominent crackline.
Dave Bailey, Tania Pearce 2/1992
Can Robins fly? 12 15m
wire representing trad
Prominent left-tending weakness, on rounded white rock. Robin took a winger at the top when a big block came away. Robin Major,
Mandy Armstrong, Ken Morison 12/10/1991.
It's just a bum 14 15m
wire representing trad
Starts up Can Robins fly until half height, then rightwards. .
Astrid Clapcott, Ray Hollingsworth, Catherine Fitzpatrick 2/1992
Land rights for gay whales 15 15m
wire representing trad
Crackline just left of Surf Nazi gannets.
Catherine Fitzpatrick, Ray Hollingsworth, Astrid Clapcott 2/1992.
Surf Nazi gannets 14 15m
wire representing trad
Sally's first lead on natural gear and her first new route! Crack to the left of the prominant arete nest to Save the snails, trend right to tree belay.
Sally Rowe, Mark Jones, Ray Hollingsworth 9/1/1992.