Mt Brown

(16 routes)

The central buttress on south face of Mt Brown contains excellent quality rock - best profile is from upper valley.

-43.845700000000, 170.047000000000
H37 726 027
BY15 626 410
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North Face 1
Three and a half km up Freds Stream, climb the steepening tussock slopes to reach the alpine meadows, and plod to the summit. Scramble
South West Spur 1
From the upper reaches of Bush Stream, H37, GR 716 022 plod up the scree slopes and scramble to the summit.
Andy Macfarlane, 1995
ASL Actions Speak Louder 5 19 550m
wire representing trad 2
Central Buttress on South Face. Begins at a higher level than surrounding rock. Steep awkward strata, overhangs, and a prominent blackness make this the prominent line. Forcing past overhangs gives pause for thought on the first buttress. Second half of route follows prow up a series of towers. Pinnacles on upper section were avoided on the right side during the first ascent. Finish on the fangs. Truly a feast. Cruxes too numerous to mention. 550m vertical, grades 15-19.
Ross Cullen, Bill McLeod, December 1995. Direct mid-section, Bill McLeod, March 1996
M Mandate 20 450m
Beginning on a small block climb clean face on left side of south east face, concave wall. Higher up tend left to gain grassy groove beneath great black corner and head straight up. On reaching terrace, head up ledges to gain headwall. Follow the arrow straight corner/crack system that runs on a slight diagonal the entire height of this wall. Rock is compact and solid, predominantly vertical, but can be damp in places. Requires a positive attitude.
Bill McLeod, Chris Warburton, January 1997
No More Words 20 400m
wire representing trad 1
The route ascends an obvious feature - The Rocket - on the right side of the bluff. Immaculate rock, few options, small gear protection, and the top three pitches of sustained grade 20 climbing. 400 m.
Bill McLeod, February 1995
The Leaning Tower WI4
A two pitch alpine ice route. The name says it all.
Erin Hawke and Andy Haugh
Jaws WI4
Jaws is on a wall split by a large rock. The rock that splits the flow looks like the bit between the jaws of ice. Snow gully to access the flow. A two pitch ice route to the true left of the rock. H37, GR 725024
Erin Hawke, Jim Spenser, Winter 2001
Unnamed WI3
True right of the rock. H37, GR 725024. (Two pitches? Grade 3? I'll call jono to confirm)
Jono Clarke, Kester Brown, Winter 2001
Urinator WI2
Also in this region and a little further downstream true left is a small wet climb with a tussock top out.
Erin Hawke and Dave Williams
South East Ridge 1
Up Bush Stream until third creek on right, follow up that stream until it runs out and scramble to the top of ridge. Follow ridge keeping the four tarns on your right, to reach the saddle. Cut through the ridge at H37, GR 734 031, and veer to summit knob.
Noel Pullan, Diane Mellish, March 2002
Gateway WI4 55m
Mal Haskins, Dave Williams, Alex Cottle
Having a Cadbury Moment WI4 45m
Mal Haskins, Brad Miller
Diving in at the Deep End WI4 50m
Mal Haskins, Paula Roberts, Rob Dunn
Beginners Luck WI3 50m
Top Roped by Mal Haskins, Paula Roberts, Rob Dunn
The Thin White Line WI4 160m
Mal Haskins, Brad Miller
Deformed on Palpation WI5
Climb the centre of the three lines immediately above and right of the triangle-shaped buttress at the lower right side of the south face of Mt Brown.
Jamie Vinton-Boot, Nick Hanafin, July 2011