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Smyth Saddle

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POINT (170.869417 -43.185904)
BW18 269 163

County Stream to Smyth Hut
Leave County Stream at J34 368789 / BW18 268 173 and climb the obvious bouldery creek bed descending diagonally from the south-east. There are a couple of easy rock steps on the way, but travel is good. Around the 1450-metre contour, exit the main creek on the true left to climb into a shingle gully going straight up (another shingle gully climbs to the right, but it’s steeper). Once level with the saddle, either exit the shingle gully by traversing to the right or keep climbing where the shingle gives way to snow-grass and top out onto the ridge about 50 metres above the saddle. Traverse the bouldery saddle to the top of a flat knob at J34 369777 / BW18 269 161, then descend diagonally to a ledge offering great travel to the spur at J34 359772 / BW18 259 156. Descend the spur west to a broad flat terrace at J34 351774 / BW18 251 158, then veer left (south) to reach the Smyth River below the gorge. The Smyth River is slow, rough travel below the 1000-metre contour, with large boulders and scrub. Use the bouldery riverbed as much as river levels allow.
Smyth Hut to County Stream
From the Smyth bridge, follow up the Smyth River to about J34 351771 / BW18 251 155. Climb out on the true left and follow the spur north then east-south-east to flatter ground about the 1600-metre contour (J34 359772 / BW18 259 156). Sidle across and climb to a small knoll south of Pt 1667 metres, then head north-east down a shingle gully into the stream that reaches the County at J34 368789 / BW18 268 173 and drains from the south-east. Alternatively, climb another 200 metres and descend more easily from about J34 378777 / BW18 278 161, sidling up valley to about J34 381787 / BW18 281 171.
Time : From County Stream to Smyth Hut is a long day.

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Yvonne Cook and Geoff Spearpoint,
in association with the Canterbury Mountaineering Club