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Moturiki Island

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Moturiki Island (Leisure Island) is located in the western Bay of Plenty at the mouth of the Port of Tauranga harbour.
Leisure Island.
From Mt Maunganui beach head east to Moturiki Island (aka Leisure Island).Once it housed an aquarium now the Island is the home of fisherman,snorkellers, swimmers and the latest developments in Tauranga climbing. It is a short walk along the beach between the Mt Maunganui and Leisure Island duringwhich the observant viewer may spot a variety of native birds. The crag is just off the beach and close to the local township, so don't expect a remote experience however it has excellent beach access and is very close to Mt Maunganui - where there is a well established crag.The climbs are generally clean and solid though there are some routes established amongst poor quality rock - care should be taken not to lobotomise your belayer. Consider all routes to be bolted unless stated otherwise and all routes are described left to right. My thanks to the contributers who've helped produce this guide, both Tauranga local's and visiting climbers.
The gear you will need - a full rack of cams and wires plus hexes if you havethem and 10 quickdraws.

POINT (176.1852753 -37.63078031)
BD37 811 304

To reach the crag head to the Mt Maunganui beach, at the base of Mt Maunganui (Mauao). Find the surf club on the sea ward side of the mount - Moturiki Island isthe island joined by land bridge 500m to the east at the opposite end of the beach. The Surfside Wall is clearly visable on the rocky western shore as you approach the island. Fishermans Wall is on the east side of the island just one minutes walk off the beach.

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Type Name
Sector Fishermans Wall
Sector Surfside Wall
Attribution hosted by Cliff Ellery written by Martin Broederlow.