Mathias Pass

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A pack track was developed over Mathias Pass in the 1880s. Although remnants still exist on the true
right of Canyon Creek, this track is now overgrown and eroded and for the most part best avoided.


Mathias Pass is easily approached from the upper Hokitika River, and tarns and campsites make it
a possible base for climbing. To the east, descend Canyon Creek to the 1100-metre contour. Remains
of the old 1880s pack track may be seen winding down the canyon ahead, but it is unuseable where it
is washed out in bluffs. Instead, a high level route follows up a gully to the 1500-metre contour where
a grassy bench cut by small bluffs leads towards the north-east ridge of Monarch Hill. Descend this ridge to about the 1000-metre contour and then pick up the last of the old pack track as it zigzags
down through scrub to the North Mathias River near the forks. In low water, the bed of Canyon
Creek down through the gorge can also be used but increased flow quickly makes many of the fords

-43.095593000000, 171.113863000000
J34 565 885
BV19 465 268