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Piarere is situated in the Waikato between Cambridge and Tirau, near the junction of SH1
and SH29. The crag consists of two parallel cliffs, one each side of SH29. It has been
described as New Zealand’s most British crag, located as it is on open farmland adjacent to a
highway, a few minutes from a tea-room, and even with a pub not too far away.
The rock is ignimbrite and, although generally friable in places, gives pleasant climbing mainly
in cracks and chimneys. Cracks tend to have rounded edges and widen towards the top.
The main cliff faces north and is an ideal place to climb in winter. Nowadays Piarere is
eclipsed by the quality crags at Wharepapa. There is still potential for new routes at Piarere.

North West
POINT (175.696535 -37.916982)

Permission to climb must be obtained from the landowners. Remember, if you find a gate
open leave it open; if you find it shut, close it after you and check that it is properly shut.
When you have finished climbing please call in and tell the farmer you are leaving. Take all
rubbish with you.
Most of the climbs at Piarere are on the Southern Cliff, located on land owned either in full or
in partnership by Frank Healy. His farm house is alongside SH29 some 4km east (towards
Tauranga) from its junction with SH1, about 400m past the Hinuera Quarry entrance, on a
bend, on the southern (cliff side) of the highway. There is a safe parking on the corner. Do
not drive onto the farm.
After Mr Healy’s permission has been obtained, walk down the race to the old milking sheds,
turning left follow the race down the to the second hedgerow. From here head down to the
rock following the hedge. At the rock turn left again and 50m or so will bring you to ‘The
All the climbs are described either from the left or from the right of The Spring. The reasons
for this are that The Spring is in the middle of the crag, the best climbs are situated nearby, and
it’s somewhere cool and damp to leave your beer.
Climbs to the left of Late Night are on Maori land currently leased to Mr Duncan, who can be
contacted by phone on Hinuere 791.
There are only three climbs to date on the smaller northern cliff and permission must be sought
from Mr Vosper, whose farmhouse is the first on the left past the quarry when coming from

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Attribution hosted By Cliff Ellery, written by Pete Manning