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Jagged Stream

POINT (171.038418 -43.305381)

From Banfield Hut follow a faint cairned track through open bush alongside Jagged Stream. After
about 500 metres the track heads away from the stream and slightly uphill along a small dry creek bed,
to the base of an old scree slope. Climb this scree until a good line can be seen to lead upstream across
further scree and scrub, staying high above Jagged Stream itself. Drop into the first small gully to skirt
the lowest patch of scrub then head uphill and continue to sidle on scree and minor tussock until the
worst of the scrub has been passed (about 1.5 km). The higher the route, the easier the travel. Rejoin
the stream bed for straightforward travel further up valley.

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Yvonne Cook and Geoff Spearpoint,
in association with the Canterbury Mountaneering Club