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Mingha River

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Goat Pass


Mingha River to Goat Pass Hut
From Highway 73, 4.5km south of Arthur’s Pass village, cross the Bealey River just above its confluence with the Mingha River (do not attempt in times of flood). Round the Mingha corner crossing a small side stream onto the Mingha River flats.
Initially, travel up the true right in the riverbed, fording the river twice, until the river approaches a narrow gorge. Just past a side creek on the true right, a marked track enters the bush on that side and climbs to a point well above the gorge on to Dudley Knob (excellent views). It then descends via a series of boardwalks and staircases towards the river, keeping still within the bushline. Once the track emerges from the scrub, a short distance upstream on the true right is the Mingha Biv (2 bunks).
From Mingha Biv, a cut track continues to follow the true right river bank, passing Kennedy Falls, leading on to another crossing of the Mingha River. The track travels through low scrub on the true left of Goat Pass Stream, leading onto the long boardwalk through boggy sections. After a crossing of Lake Mavis Stream the track finds the wide, flat Goat Pass. The Goat Pass Hut is in a hollow just north of the pass.
Total time from Highway 73 to the Hut is about 5 hours in low water conditions.
Note: The Mingha-Deception route is all but impossible in times of heavy rain, or rapid snow melt! The Mingha River, Agility Stream and Lake Mavis Stream can be quite dangerous crossings when in flood.

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