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The Great Unknown


In 1935 John Pascoe named this peak ' The Great Unknown because it was a 'cornerpost in a welter of new country'. From the Perth, The Great Unknown offers a great multi-day trip in its own right, while it is sometimes used as a transalpine route to and from the Garden of Eden.

POINT (170.586948 -43.333294)
BW17 044 993
Accessed from
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Type Name
Mountain Mt Moreton


Reference Title Grade Length Pro Quality Operations
FP From the Perth 1+
GE From the Garden of Eden 1+

In the description from the Pert remove the following "where there are also campsites, with tarns, at about the 1500m contour." WE found know tarns containing water, or sign of them. Maybe early season with snow melt.

But at 1800ms where the route crosses the ridge west of pt 1898 there is an excellent tarn and camp sites.

The description "bypassing pt 1898m itself which is a bit gnarly" is not required. There is a good shelf to traverse on.

The ZIP Line. There is an excellent cut route from pt 1187 to the Perth bridge now. It can be picked up in a basin just west and below pt 1187. GR 036 962 where you will find a trap and a waratah and survey tape to guide your descent. It's hard to find at the bottom. But basically, after getting off the bridge head upstream slightly until the ground flattens out. Climb onto the terrace and make way to a point about 035 948 and try to pick up survey tape and a good ground trail. We originally ascended the spur west of Redfield stream on moderate animal trails. It is an acceptable alternative to the Redfield stream which looked unpleasant. Feb'22

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Yvonne Cook and Geoff Spearpoint,
in association with the Canterbury Mountaineering Club