Dart River

(8 routes)

Mt Aspiring NP


Useful links- http://www.doc.govt.nz/parks-and-recreation/tracks-and-walks/otago/queen...
Cascade Saddle http://www.doc.govt.nz/parks-and-recreation/tracks-and-walks/otago/queen...
Access to Plunket Dome, Islington and Liverpool
Governors’ Ridge is the ridge connecting Plunket Dome, Islington and Liverpool and is the edge of the upper Dart Névé. A fantastic alpine wander can be had by travelling up Cascade Saddle along Governors’ Ridge and down one of the ridges above Rough Creek.
Link to West Matuktuki access- http://climbnz.org.nz/nz/south-island/aspiring/snowdrift-range/islington...

The Whitbourn Glacier from the south. Photo. Lloyd Homer, GNS Science.


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Mountain Turret Head (2 routes)
Mountain Pluto (2 routes)
Mountain Head Pk (2 routes)
Mountain Mt Clarke (2 routes)
Mountain Mt Earnslaw Pikirakatahi West Pk (6 routes)
Mountain Cosmos Pks (2 routes)
Mountain Hedin Pk (1 route)
Mountain Gino Pk (1 route)
Mountain Watkins (1 route)
Mountain Stefansson Pk (1 route)
Mountain Johansen (1 route)
Mountain Ferrier Pk (1 route)
Mountain Bernard Pk (1 route)
Mountain Mt Ian (2 routes)
Mountain Mt Tiber (1 route)
Mountain Mt Amundsen (1 route)
Mountain Key Dome (1 route)
Mountain Mt Lydia (2 routes)
Mountain Mt Alpha (1 route)
Mountain Mt Beta (1 route)
Mountain Mt Gamma (1 route)
Mountain Mt Delta (1 route)
Mountain Pt 2348 (0 routes)
Mountain Pivot Pk (1 route)
Mountain Mt Maoriri (2 routes)
Mountain Mt Edward (3 routes)
Mountain Marion Tower (2 routes)
Mountain Humboldt Tower (1 route)
Mountain Mt Maori (3 routes)
Mountain Maiti-iti (3 routes)
Mountain Troas (1 route)
Mountain Maruiwi (2 routes)
Mountain Mt Liverpool (3 routes)
Mountain Wahine (2 routes)
Mountain Islington Dome (2 routes)
Mountain Mt Tyndall (2 routes)
Valley Route Burn (8 routes)
Mountain Mt Earnslaw Pikirakatahi East Pk (5 routes)
Mountain Plunket Dome (3 routes)