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Matukituki River

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The mountains in the lower valley can sometimes peek out from behind the
rain shadow of the greater alps and provide good scrambling when a mountain fix is desired. The lower valley climbs, apart from the winter waterfall routes, are mostly grade 1–2 requiring little more than an ice axe and crampons. Beware of loose rock.
Access to head of Rob Roy Stream and climbing routes.
Above the bushline continue on the true left bank of Rob Roy Stream through light scrub and tussock, keeping 100m above the stream. After crossing a washed-out stream bed follow around terraces until a small silty flat is reached. From here find a convenient place to descend to the avalanche-threatened Rob Roy Glacier.
During the summer the avalanche hazard comes from the glaciers above and in the winter from large gullies dropping from Homestead Peak. A broad spur to the left of the large gully dropping from Homestead Peak is then climbed which ends up merging with the snowfield underneath the Homestead Peak and Rob Roy Col.
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Type Name
Mountain Triple Pk
Mountain Mt Alta
Allan Uren & John Cocks