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Hawdon River

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The three branches of the Hawdon River (including East Hawdon Stream and Sudden Valley Stream) give access to several low peaks.


Taruahuna Pass to Walker Pass
From the pass bear right across landslide debris and make for the foot of a grassy saddle just north of Falling Mountain. This is Tarn Col and the best route up the steep ascent is to follow the creek and spur which drops straight down from the lowest point on the col (Climbing time = about 25 minutes). Skirt the tarn and drop immediately into the bed of the creek running east of the col. Travel the creek to its junction with the East Branch of Otehake River, then turn south and travel the river-bed upstream for 20 minutes. Ascend through low scrub to Walker Pass on the true right.
Time: 2–3 hrs.
Walker Pass to Hawdon Hut
Pick up the creek draining the tarn on the pass, following it downstream through boulders and scrub. A track does traverse this creek. After about 40 minutes, the start of the bush track is staked at the bottom end of a series of rounded rock cliffs on the true left. Climb to the second marker on the low ridge, at the end of the cliffs, and about 30m back up the ridge to the cairn which indicates where the marked track enters the bush. Follow the track steeply down past Twin Falls until it emerges in Twin Falls Creek. Hawdon Hut (built in 2007) is located about 150m upstream of the Discovery Creek junction on the western side of the Hawdon River.
Time: from Walker Pass is about 1½ hours.
Hawdon Hut to Hawdon Shelter
From Hawdon Hut follow the track (true right) until just below a point where the East Branch joins the main Hawdon River. If the rivers are low, cross here, follow the open grassy flats, crossing the river twice more to the Hawdon Shelter at the road head. However if the rivers are high keep to the true right, but cross Hawdon River prior to Sudden Valley Stream.
Time: about 3½ hours to travel from Hawdon Hut to the road head.

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