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Darran Mountains

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The Darran Mountains include all the peaks between the Hollyford and Cleddau Valleys and the sea.

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Type Name
Valley Marian Creek
Mountain Mt Christina East Pk
Mountain Mt Christina South Pk
Mountain Mt Christina
Mountain Mt Christina North Pk
Valley Cirque Creek
Mountain Mt Crosscut
Valley Gertrude Valley
Pass Barrier Crosscut Col
Mountain Barrier Pk
Mountain Barrier Knob
Mountain Mt Talbot
Mountain Mt McPherson
Pass Grave Talbot Pass
Valley Gulliver River
Pass Homer Saddle
Valley Moraine Creek
Mountain Marian Pk
Mountain Sabre Pk
Mountain Adelaide Pk
Mountain Bobs Buttress
Mountain Mt Gunn
Mountain Pt 2060
Mountain Mt Lyttle
Mountain Mt Hunka
Mountain Mt Gifford Low Pk
Mountain Mt Gifford
Mountain Mt Gifford East Pk
Valley Caples Creek
Mountain The Sentinel
Mountain The Sentinel North Pk
Mountain The Twins
Pass Darran Pass
Mountain Mihj Pk
Mountain Apirana Pk
Mountain Mt Revelation
Pass Crampon Pass
Mountain Taiaroa South Pk
Mountain Taiaroa Pk
Mountain Mt Tuhawaiki
Valley Te Puoho Glacier
Mountain Karetai Pk
Pass Karetai Col
Mountain Mt Te Wera
Mountain Ngaitahu Pk
Valley Donne River
Pass Patuki Col
Mountain Mt Patuki
Mountain Mt Underwood
Mountain Mt Whaitiri
Mountain Mt Makere
Valley Tūtoko River
Pass Pakihaukea Pass
Valley Cleft Creek
Pass Pikipari Pass
Mountain Mt Tarewai
Pass Milne-Tarewai Col
Mountain Mt Milne
Mountain Mt Syme
Mountain Mt Madeline
Pass Turner Pass
Mountain Mt Tutoko
Mountain Tutoko Knob
Mountain Alice Pk
Valley Glacier Creek
Valley Ngapunatoru Plateau
Mountain Puketuroto Pk
Valley Stick-Up Creek
Valley Kaipo River
Mountain Mt Thunder
Mountain Halfway Pk
Mountain Mt Parariki
Mountain Troglodyte Pk
Mountain Ongaruanuku
Mountain Paranui Pk
Mountain Mt Grave
Mountain Barren Pk
Mountain Mitis Pk
Mountain Benton Pk
Mountain Mills Pk
Mountain Cascade Pk
Valley Bowen River
Mountain Te Hau
Mountain Mt Pembroke
Mountain Little Matterhorn
Mountain The Lion
Valley Harrison River
Range The Palisades