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The first inhabitants of these strange rock formations were from a far off cragless land
known as Palmerston. The Masseyites as they refer to themselves, occupied the crag
for a relatively short period before they mysteriously disappeared, some say they were
wiped out by a giant meteor, others say they migrated down south, lured by the promise
of an encroaching ice age. Little is known about these people and all that remains to this
day is a few bits of their primitive hardware.
While out walking in the wilderness the Messiah “Dave” wandered across this forgotten
crag and was suitably impressed with what he saw. Upon his return he told his disciples
and together they planned their pilgrimage to this new land. However it came to pass
that Dave had to return to Blenheim to pay his taxes or something, and while he was
away his disciples unable to contain themselves, pillaged the new crag climbing every
crack and grid bolting every face.
Halls is a great little spot, sure it’s a bit of a walk in, but once you are there you’re
rewarded with some fantastic climbing on good clean rock. Best of all its quite away from
crowds and has its own swimming hole.


Halls as the name suggests is located on James Hall’s property, however access to the
crag is via Len Smiths farm, see location and access details for Smiths Rock. Having
phoned James Hall and asked for permission, sign in at Smith Rock and park by the
Milking shed as per normal. From the milking shed head straight ahead down the farm
race to the bridge. Walk across the bridge then follow the river upstream for about 800m
till you arrive at the crag, Sunday wall is the long cliff face on the other side of the river,
see map.
Land Owners Name: James Hall
Phone Number: 07 8722 846
Access: Phone, please leave a message on the answer phone if no
one home.

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Type Name
Sector Sunday Wall
Sector Waterfall Wall
Sector The Arches
Copied from Written by Mike Camilleri & Cliff Ellery