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Edwards River

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To Taruahuna Pass


Bealey River to Edwards Hut
Cross the Bealey River just above its confluence with the Mingha River (do not attempt in times of flood). Then cross the Mingha River and make for the tussock flat on the far true left bank. A staked and sign-posted trail commences here. Cross the small creek, picking up the marked trail which provides a 20 minute bypass of the lower Edwards gorge. The gorge itself is negotiable at low river levels. When the track re-emerges onto the riverbed, travel upstream on the true left, climbing the bank once or twice where the going requires it. (Warning: there are now some exciting descents off the bank, get wet in lieu!)
Cross the East Edwards River above the junction with the main river, and pick up a well-defined trail opposite. This track leads easily through bush until it emerges among the large tussock flats with a clear view of Edwards Hut.
Time: From the road to the hut is 3½hrs.
Edwards Hut to Taruahuna Pass
Continue upstream of the hut on the true left bank over tussock flats to the summit of Taruahuna Pass. This route, though long, is easy and well tracked.
Time: From the hut to the pass is about 2hrs.

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