Harrison River

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The Harrison River drains into Milford Sound from the north-east.


The Harrison River heads north-eastwards from Milford Sound and provides access to the peaks in the north west section of the Darran Mountains. The prominent peak in the valley is Mt Pembroke. While little attention has been paid to the rest of the peaks in the region the valley sees a few parties journey to its head then onto the Ngapunatoru Plateau, a long but worthwhile journey, or into the John O’Groats and Kaipo valleys.
A boat is required to reach Harrison Cove; often an arrangement can be made with a fishing boat or the local kayak company to be landed at the cove and picked up later. From the cove follow a faint track on the west side of the river for three hours to the junction with Pembroke Creek, passing Grave's Bivvy Rock. The bivvy rock was found by Grave, Talbot and Lippe after the first ascent of Mt Pembroke, a large semi-dry overhang.
To gain the Upper Harrison from Pembroke Stream continue up the true right to above Wairereata Falls. The river opens out above the falls, where it is easier going on the true left. Just before Selwyn Creek some bluffs can be avoided by switching to the true right then follow the river any way which seems suitable.
The only viable route to Lake Never Never is via Lake Pukutahi. Lake Pukutahi is gained by bashing up the true right side of Moulin creek, to where a side creek comes in from the north.
Cross Moulin Creek and follow this creek on the true left, which can be rough going. Eventually a spur is gained which leads to the outlet of the lake. From Lake Pukutahi sidle north along wide terraces before descending a creek bed that runs down to the north end of Lake Never-Never.
Upper Harrison to Ngapunatoru Plateau
From Lake Never Never climb the right side of the face on a shoulder beside the creek descending from the Ngapunatoru Plateau. Trend right through bluffs to reach the snow in the centre of the face. Cross a broad rock ledge at two-thirds height and continue on snow to the pass, or traverse right to Tūtoko Saddle at the head of Graves Couloir. The crossing between Lake Never Never and the Kaipo River can be made from either direction.

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