Pt 2074

(1 route)

Pk 2074 is southeast of Mt Fraser.


From the North Huxley Valley

-43.938636000000, 169.765291000000
H37 504 915
BY14 404 299
Reference Title Grade Length Quality Bolts Gone Natural pro Link to edit content
Aldous 16
The route starts up the centre of the face, taking a line up weathered slabs before traversing and launching up a large right-tending buttress. At 1700m, the route cuts out left above a snowpatch and finishes up a rib to gain the ridge just below the summit proper.
Rob Frost and Ben Dare, 2012


Fixed, cheers.

No such thing as Peak 2054m (not around this area anyway). 'Aldous' is actually on Pt 2074m. 'Clink' by Bill McLeod is on Pt 2030m, not Pt 2074m like the guidebook says. Trust us, we spent awhile confirming that! By the way, only Ben summited during the climb of Aldous. I waited about 3-400m below the summit as I was moving too slowly.

yeah, when the first guidebook came out a lot of Bills routes (including ones we did together) were attributed to the wrong peaks. The ones in the Temple and Huxley valleys seem to have been getting sorted now, but as Rob demonstrates it is always better to follow your instincts as a climber than to blindly trust the guide on climbs that may not have even received a second ascent. Same with peaks that may have had very few ascents, use your own judgement as the guide may not be 100% accurate.