The Twins

(3 routes)

Arthur Range

-41.239511610000, 172.658990740000
M27 814 963
BQ24 714 346
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North Twin standard route Grade 2- 2
Descend southwards from Mt Arthur to an easy tussock ridge (or else traverse steep slopes from the col between Mt Arthur and Winter Peak). Drop down the Ellis Basin side and sidle steep slopes, aiming for a group of large rocks. Continue sidling south-west over easier tussock and scree. There is a good campsite with water at about map ref. M27/825971. Traverse further around, below the ridge crest, and through karst, until east of the North Twin, then climb directly up. Alternatively, the Arthur Range can be followed from the obvious saddle at map ref. M27/820974, but this is more exposed and will entail a careful descent down a rock step on the ridge
South Twin standard route Grade 2 2
Cross the south-east ridge of the North Twin, either near the bushline or at about 1700m (more difficult), and traverse moderate rock till easier scree slopes lead directly up to the South Twin. This is also the best descent route. The South Twin can also be reached by the Paddy Ridge track, which starts a few minutes before the Baton River Track swingbridge (note that there is no water along this ridge).
Twins Traverse Grade 3- 3
From the North Twin follow the ridge for a short distance, descend a 2m step, then descend the steep and loose north-western flank for about 20m to a steep and exposed slab, where a rope is needed. Belay across in a southerly direction towards the small col between the Twins. Steep vegetated slopes on the northern side leads to the summit. Alternatively, from the col cross scree and find a ‘keyhole’ in the ridge. Pass through this, move up and around till above the ‘keyhole’. From here the route is straightforward but exposed, and may need to be pitched.


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