Mount Bradley

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This would perhaps be Christchurch's best crag, if it were next to the road on the Port Hills. But it's not. Mt Bradley (formerly Mount Herbert) is the hill south of Lyttelton Harbour, and the second highest point on Banks Peninsula. The cliffs are near the summit on the north side, overlooking the harbour. It's a long walk (1 1/2 hrs), but the excellence of the climbing has made Mt. Bradley an important crag. The cliff is steep and the rock smooth and generally solid. The routes mostly follow obvious cracks so jamming is an essential technique.
There are four separate cliffs: the Main Cliff, which is the lefthand part of the lower tier, the Right Cliff to the R; the small Castle Cliff between the lat ter two; and the Upper Tier, which is immediately below the summit plateau. The cliff has little shelter, but is very sunny and is best avoided on a hot summer day. Drying is relatively slow.

-43.689380000000, 172.706850000000
Information by Lindsay Main & Previously hosted on website by John Davis


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Wall The Upper Tier (7 routes)
Wall small upper wall (2 routes)
Wall Yoyo Wall (10 routes)
Wall Taniwha Wall (9 routes)
Wall Main Wall (31 routes)
Wall The Castle (12 routes)
Wall Right Cliff (22 routes)

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Access to the crag is best gained from the farm track just north (and about 150m below; 15min). It involves a bit of scrub bashing and it is best to head for the boulders at the bottom of the main wall. The farm track continues to Packhorse hut (30min).

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