Liebig Range

(46 routes)

The main climbs described here are those that ascend from the Murchison Valley. Several of the peaks have routes on their eastern sides, accessed from the Jollie, Cass and Godley Valley systems. These valleys are seldom visited and offer excellent terrain for the novice and/or those looking for fantastic views of the major peaks of the Aoraki/Mount Cook region. Like the Murchison, the weather in these valleys is usually better than that experienced closer to the Main Divide.

-43.676700000000, 170.256700000000
Alex Palman


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Mountain Mt Phyllis (1 route)
Mountain Mt Sydney King (3 routes)
Mountain Mt Acland (1 route)
Mountain Coopers Mate (1 route)
Mountain Mt Richmond (3 routes)
Mountain The Ant-hill (1 route)
Mountain Mt Conrad (4 routes)
Mountain Olaf (1 route)
Mountain Mt Kenneth (2 routes)
Mountain Mt Ronald Adair (2 routes)
Mountain Mt Hutton (1 route)
Mountain Mt Tamaki (2 routes)
Mountain Mt Lucia (3 routes)
Mountain Jollie Pks (1 route)
Mountain The Abbott (0 routes)
Mountain The Abbess (2 routes)
Mountain Monastery Pk (1 route)
Mountain Mt Biretta (Priest’s Cap) (1 route)
Mountain The Nuns Veil (9 routes)
Mountain The Acolyte (1 route)
Pass Armadillo Saddle (2 routes)
Pass Godley Pass (1 route)
Pass Rutherford Pass (1 route)
Pass Ailsa Pass (1 route)
Pass Abbey Pass (1 route)

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