The Eiger Wall, (left hand side)

(5 routes)

This was named after the Little Eiger since its left hand end is the corner with that crag. The Eiger Wall is the opposite side of the valley from the Organ Pipes.
The main problem with climbing this wall is the lack of good belay points at the top. You may have to go up to 20m to find a decent boulder to use, so allow for that in your rope management.

North West

To descend one can go to the top of the Little Eiger and follow the descent route given for that crag. Alternatively follow the ridge up to the end of the wall. It is also possible to carefully back-climb the broken mossy section on the wall.
The following climbs are on the broken section of the wall immediately up-valley from the Little Eiger.

-39.294653000000, 174.082747000000
Reference Title Grade Length Quality Bolts Gone Natural pro Link to edit content
1 Jet-Stream Hitch-Hike 19 17m
wire representing trad
The thin crack around to the left from Arses Galore. Climb crack direct. Well protected.
Lionel Clay, Richard Kirk, 06/04/85.
2 Arses Galore 15 35m
wire representing trad
Climb the off-width to the top of the column then the crack above. Nice climbing.
Kevin Conaglen, Pete Swanson, 1982.
3 X President 20 25m
wire representing trad
On left of Le Corner on Nose Block. Steep Crack. Friends #2 useful.
Dave Bolger. 17/4/00
4 Le Corner 19 12m
wire representing trad
The inviting right-facing corner with the horizontal break at half-height to the left of climb Ode to a Small … The grading is in the style of that adopted by the same first ascensionist at the crag Piarere; a Piarere 19 then may be anything from 18 to 22—who knows?
Bryce Martin (second failed to follow), 07/04/85.
5 Ode to a Small Green Lump of Putty 14 12m
wire representing trad
Follow the wide off-width crack right of Le Corner over a chock stone onto excellent belay above.
John Edwards, Pete Swanson, 28/01/81.