Surfside Wall

(9 routes)

From the beach walk up the path and about half way along the island on the left, there is vague access path leading down to the rocky shore, where the bushline breaks. Here is the Surfside wall, with a flavour distinctly different than the other areas in Tauranga. Gone are the jugs, it's slabby routes with a definite sea crag feel. The rock is a little bit crumbly in places but there are some worth while routes here and it's well worth a visit if even just for a change of atmosphere. Bring your togs.
Walking back towards the beach there is an arete split by a crack (18),this traditionally protected route was sent by Simon Vallings in 1983.To the left of this arete are some easy lines including a grade 10 routesoloed by Emma.

Reference Title Grade Length Quality Bolts Gone Natural pro Link to edit content
5 Kafkaesque 25
The left most route on the face, starts from the shared belay ledge, climbing up and over the bulge. Not for the faint hearted.
Paul Higgins 88
Metamorphose 18
The groove directly right of 'Kafaesque'. Easier, unprotected moves lead to the groove with faint crack past a horizontal break. Belay off trees.
Paul Higgins
6 Between a Rock and a Wet Place 17
"17 my anus!" - quipped one visiting climber. A good intro to the Surfside style.Scramble to the belay ledge and taste the goodness.
Phil Higgins, John Murray 83
7 A Friend Indeed 15
The left route in the chalky gully.
Rob Moore Oct 06 (solo)
9 Jumping Johnny 19
Takes the right most line in the gully then moves out right on to the ledge and up to the crux. DBC anchor, if the left crack is used it goes at grade 17.
Rob Moore, Ken Dec 08
9 Strange Complement 22
The face route through the bulge. Possibly the best line at this wall, athroughly engaging outing.
Rob Moore, Nat Hamilton Jul 06
Description of a Struggle 26
The steep route, on the arete to the right of 'Strange Complement'. Ahold has broken off at the crux, making this tough at the grade.
Phil Higgins 88
Pickpocket 23
The face route to the left of 'With a Pocketful of Nuts'.
Phil Higgins 88
10 With a Pocketful of Nuts 15
The bolted route in the shady corner. Climb up the corner before moving right to an anchor visible from the ground.
Phil Higgins (solo)