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Wick Mountains

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The Wick Mountains lie between the Arthur, Cleddau, and Clinton Valleys. The peaks near Homer Saddle – Mt Moir, Moir’s Mate, and the Mateʻs Little Brother – contain a wealth of classic rock routes on amazing diorite. The close proximity of this region to the road makes the routes accessible as day climbs from Homer Hut. Many routes lie on north to west faces, receiving their first rays of sun in the late morning.

POINT (167.896 -44.7959)
CB08 963 270

The Peaks of Cirque, Gendarme, Basin and Lloyd's lie in an isolated region to the south and west of Mt Moir and are accessed via the Gulliver Peak ridge-line.
The head of the Upper Hollyford offers an approach to the ridge-line via ledges under Moir’s Mate.

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Type Name
Mountain Charismatic Wall (Pt 1655)
Mountain Gulliver Pk
Mountain Mt Moir
Mountain Moir's Mate
Mountain Mt Belle
Mountain Cirque Pk
Mountain Mt Gendarme
Mountain Basin Pk
Mountain Lloyd Pk
Mountain Pt 1828
Mountain Mt Anau
Mountain Mt Mitchelson
Mountain Pt 1843
Mountain Pt 1675
Mountain Mt Kepka
Mountain Mt Elliot
Mountain Mt Wilmur
Mountain Mt Balloon
Mountain Pariroa Castle Mount
Craig Jefferies