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Golden Bay

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Includes Paines Ford, Pohara, Sandhill Creek, Lake Sylvester.

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Type Name
Crag Paines Ford
Crag Pohara
Crag Sandhills Creek
Crag Fossil Point
Crag Iron Hill
Crag Lake Sylvester
Simon Courtois

Can someone tell me the name of the route at Pohara that has a Ship's Bell at the top? A non-climbing friend was rained off this route TOO many years ago with out getting to the bell. A re match is in order soon. Also, is a new guide coming out, or should we purchase the 2003 guide. Also I would like to hear about climbing out Sandhills and Cobb area. email Cheers, Simon

Mon, 11/02/2013 - 18:52 Permalink
Information Collated by Simon Middlemass, and also