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From Temple Basin 1
Easy climbs from Temple Basin. Follow the Cassidy ski tow to gain the area south of Bill’s Basin.
Via Cons Track 1
Reached via Cons Track, which ascends on the Southwest Ridge from the Bealey River crossing on the Punchbowl Falls track. Once the bushline is reached continue ascending the ridge on loose rock. At the base of the bluffs, a rough trail sidles northwards ascending slowly under the bluffs. After 250 metres a steep scree gully is reached. Ascend this to the easier boulder slopes of the main ridge.
Aicken–Blimit Traverse II 3 2 14
Ascend Mt Aicken. From the summit, the long tortuous ridge that encloses the Punchbowl Falls Creek catchment is visible. Continue along this ridge. Most obstacles tend to be gendarmes, being generally bypassed on one or other side (mostly Punchbowl Creek side). Most can be climbed directly, but this increases the grade. Towards Blimit the ridge rock rises in 30°–60° slabs, some with extreme exposure. Protection is sparse, but the climbing is easy (Grades 12–14). This buttress can be avoided by sidling out under its southern flank and ascending a narrow, loose gully to join the South Ridge. Descend to Bill’s Basin.
Map K33 Temple Basin skifield is accessed via a steep foot track from the summit of the Arthur’s Pass highway. The main ski basin is under the face of Mount Temple, with a rope tow running up to Temple Col. A few keen skiers have attempted to ski off the summit of Mount Temple, but this is extreme terrain and you really need to know what you’re doing before going there. On the other (eastern) side of Temple Col, a few people also ski into the upper Mingha. The Bill’s Basin snow field is under the peak of Blimit. It is accessed by ascending on the true right of the rope tow above the accommodation lodges, and sidling north to Page Shelter. Once in the downhill basin, zig-zag onto the ridge that flanks its southern side, and cross this ridge to enter Bill’s Basin. It is possible to continue along the ridge to the SW to Mt Cassidy (1850m). Beware of cornice on this ridge and the summit of Cassidy.

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