Mt Annette

(3 routes)

-43.753100000000, 170.061800000000
H36 734 130
BY15 635 514
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Hoophorn Spur II 1+
Leads to the edge of the upper Annette Plateau. Not as steep as Sebastopol Ridge at the top, but requires careful route-finding low down to avoid thick scrub. Descend via the Mueller Hut track, be prepared for a very long day. Shave up to 6 hours off the trip by going up on the true right of Hoophorn Stream from the end of the 4WD track, up until about 980m altitude. Then start walking up the scree slope between the two contributaries on the true left, between which the word "Hoophorn Stream" is printed in blue on the topomap, aiming to meet the ridge between letters "p" and "h" of the word "Hoophorn Spur" printed in black on the topomap, west of point 1490. Beware, this slope is prone to avalanches in winter. Once on the ridge, follow the ridge to approximately 2060m altitude, and then follow the shelf that leads straight to Mount Annette on the right.
Sebastopol Ridge II 2+ 1
Traverse or sidle Sebastopol and follow the ridge, at the top using either the steep rock or the snowslope on the right (beware cornice). It is thought that Glenthorne shepherds may have climbed Mt Sebastopol (1468m) in the later 1800s. A really good day out early season combined with a descent via Mueller Hut or the Hoophorn Spur.
Freda du Faur, Peter Graham, November 1910
From Mueller Hut 1-
From Mueller Hut traverse 200m below the ridge above the Mueller Glacier before ascending to reach the Annette Plateau. Cross the plateau to the small bump to the east.
Arthur Harper, Percy Johnson, Jan 1891.

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