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Firewood Creek

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An easily accessible after work set of crags. Burning hot on a summers day but the crag is in the shade by about 3.30pm (5pm in shoulder seasons) for an evening burn. Nice on a sunny day in winter. The climbing is reasonably burly with the striking roof crack being particularly savage. There was one existing un-named route and a few access bolts at the Main Wall presumably installed by Russell Braddock in the early to mid 2000’s. The next flare up of development started on New Year's Day 2021 and it has the feel of a new crag.
The gully is particularly beautiful in September when the kowhai trees are in blossom.

North East

Two minutes drive from the Big Fruit! Drive 1km south from the Cromwell Bridge and pull off to the left before the 'Cromwell lookout 400m' sign. It is best to drive in from the north only and turn left into the pull off because of traffic. Park at the pull off if you have a low clearance vehicle; high clearance vehicles can go 50m further. Walk along the track for one minute until you cross the small bridge. Continue up the true right for 50m and cross the creek between two willow trees. Continue up the true left for one more minute before you find an obvious place to ascend to the Main Wall. When exiting the pull off, again, due to traffic, it is best to turn left and head south to the Cromwell lookout and turn around there if home is to the north.

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Type Name
Crag The Furnace
Crag Hidden Wall