Kish Kash Boulder

(26 routes)

One of the premier boulders at the Bronx has something for everyone.

Reference Title Grade Length Quality Bolts Gone Natural pro Link to edit content
Inertia Direct V2
Sit start on the chalky finger jugs. Make a couple of burly moves right then finish straight up on jugs.
Inertia V3
Start sitting on the block (as for Inertia Direct). From incut edges traverse right along the crack, then along the sloping lip, to the arete. Exit up the arete.
John Palmer, June 2006
Faux Jet V7
Pull on the wall, using the obvious undercling and a broad pinch out right. Snatch the lip and mantle.
John Palmer, May 2007
Boilerplate V8
Pull on using an incut gaston and a small crimp (which is broken a little since the first ascent). Pop for the slot and exit direct or right. Sit start is a project.
John Palmer, September 2006
Good Luck VM
Easy wall from a sit start.
Zigzagged V0
Climb the high zig zag feature. SS V2.
Kristen Foley, March 2005
Trigonometry V6
Start on a large jug on the right arete. Traverse left across the start of Zigzagged into a cruxy match at the base of the vertical seam. Continue left on good angles and finish up the easy part of Boilerplate.
John Palmer, January 2007
The Arete V3
The featured arete is best climbed from a sit start, although the stand start is a pleasant enough V0. Please be very careful on this problem - although it is dead easy, some of the rock is very loose and gravity is everywhere!
Kash Machine V5
Start as for Trigonometry but head right on generous holds. Link some well-spaced jugs at the top of the Kish Kash wall, reverse Kish Kash and swing around the arete to finish on the large flake.
John Palmer, January 2006
Unnamed V0
Climbe the featured wall. Caution required!
Unnamed V0
More features, more wall. More caution required!
Bulk Modulus V8
Sit start in the low roof on a sidepull & an undercling. Pull up right to a pinch, go left to an improbable sloper then double take to a much more probable sloper. Swing right to a jug and top out if you feel like it.
John Palmer, December 2008
Supersonic V8
Sit start, spanned on some sloping pinches. Pull up and right into a large sloping sidepull then lunge for the distant narrow groove.
John Palmer, May 2005
Tyrant V9
An eliminate line, as it happens. Sit start as for Supersonic but with left hand in a shallow pocket instead. Roll up and gaston the large sloper. Pull right into the obvious undercut pinch, then head left for the lip (via a very bad intermediate pinch). Exit up Kish Kash or drop off.
John Palmer, May 2006
Overwatch V8
Non-eliminate version of Tyrant. Start as per but from the lefthand gaston, move right to a sloper & then again to the edge on Kash & Carry. Finish up the groove.
Liam Dickson, September 2011
Kash & Carry V6
An interesting eliminate. Sit start as for Kish Kash. Staying below the large undercling feature, head left to the undercut pinch on Tyrant. From here, head to the lip and exit as for Kish Kash. If you combine Kashed Out and Kash & Carry, you get Kashed Up V7ish.
John Palmer, July 2006
Kish Kash V3
Sit start. Climb up and left into the large undercling. Gain a sloping pinch below the lip (a knee bar helps), find some jugs on the lip then exit up the mossy crack.
Kester Brown, March 2005
Money Shot V6
As for Kish Kash again but this time exit straight up the prow. Shit rock, excellent moves & caution required.
David Kopp, July 2007
Kash Converters V3
As for Kish Kash but head right around the arete to a ‘mail slot’ hold. From here, head straight up the wall on spaced holds. Take care on the upper section; the holds are loose & a fall could be fatal!
David Kopp, June 2006
Rollerskate Disco V0
Start on the large flake. Climb the layback/crack feature. Beware of loose holds!
Jono Clarke, April 2005
Skateland Killa V2
The high wall. Exit right up the groove (V2) or direct via a long lock to a sweet pocket (V2+). Usual rock warning applies, and the landing is quite poor.
Peter Griffin, March 2006
KB's Groove V1
Climb the mossy crack/groove.
Unnamed V0
A reasonable warm up.
Unnamed V0
Short juggy wall from a sit start.
Kashed Out V6
Sit start at the southern end of the face. Pull up then traverse left (at around shoulder height) all the way to the large flake on Rollerskate Disco. Drop down into the start of Kish Kash and then exit up that problem or, if you want more points, Kash & Carry.
John Palmer, 2005
The Girdle V8
Link Kashed Out, Kash Machine in reverse and Trigonometry. For extra points, if you’ve got something in the tank lunge left, reverse Inertia & finish up Inertia Direct. Pumpy!
John Palmer, March 2007

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