Heim Plateau

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Heim Plateau provides access from the head of the Rakaia River to several peaks on the Divide. The
icefall draining the plateau is time-consuming to climb and often impassable – the most direct route to
the plateau climbs Rift Couloir, a mostly snowy gully on the true left of the icefall, joining the plateau
on a broad shoulder on the south-west ridge of Pt 2253 metres. Rift Couloir is a natural funnel for rock
fall, and with decreasing snow cover a small rock step becomes exposed about 150 metres below the
plateau. A seldom-used alternative access can be made via rocks immediately east of the icefall via a
crack and chimney (watch for rock fall).
A longer route reaches the plateau via the Cockayne Glacier and a side glacier that leads to a col on
to the plateau. However, the side glacier is steep near the top and rock fall may occur off Blair Peak.

-43.290264000000, 170.837059000000
I35 202 552
BW17 102 936