Earl Mountains

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The Earl Mountain region can be seen along the western edge of the Eglington Valley, its boundary merging with that of the Darran Mountains in the Upper Hollyford valley. Being east of the divide they receive dramatically less rainfall and the rock tends to be more fractured, notably on the ridges. Yet the walls are still steep and approaches thought provoking.
The main tributaries to the valleys of the Earl Mountains include Hut Creek and Mistake Creek in the upper Eglington Valley; Falls Creek and Monkey Creek in the Upper Hollyford. With the longest valley walk being no more than five hours the Earl Mountains are a perfect break from the Darrans when cloud cloaks the valleys in the west.


The tracks to Hut Creek and Mistake Creek are marked by a sign at the car park on the west side of the Milford Road up the Eglinton Valley. These valleys are popular with tramping parties looking to cross over U Pass, a great two day alpine circuit.

Craig Jefferies


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