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Waipu Caves Farm Park

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Waipu Caves Farm Park is a privately owned 320 acre park set in a limestone area. There is outdoor recreation including camping, climbing, cave tourism, school camps, bush walks and a river to swim in. There are 3 crags which have been completely cleaned including water-blasting. Valley Road Crag has over 20 climbs, Milky Way Crag with about 12 climbs, and Rift Valley Crag with about 20 climbs. These all have a range of climbs to suit kids or beginners through to experienced climbers. Heights range up to about 12m and are bolted with hangers for top rope climbing and some have hangers for leading. All top rope hangers can be easily accessed from the top for quick and easy set up. These sites also have a some rocks suitable for bouldering. You can do trad climbing on some of the climbs.

10 minutes
POINT (174.3623228 -35.9367602)
AX30 231 222

All climbers must register at the office of Waipu Caves Farm Park at 567 Waipu Caves Road and pay a small fee which cover maintenance including periodic water-blasting. From the office all 3 crags are with 300m to 500m. There is a camp ground if you wish to stay. Rules on site include, fees must be paid before climbing, all climbers and belayers must wear a helmet, No free climbing or climbing without ropes, No adding/modifying/changing bolts or hangers. You are always responsible for your own safety. FYI, there are sometimes schools booked to climb and they have first rights to access, however it is unlikely all 3 crags would be booked. You will be told on arrival which crags are available.

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