East Face

(3 routes)

Face (Alpine)

All the routes on the east face can be accessed from the last tussock and scree slope at the head of the lower Marian Valley, up this slope to some steep tussock trending left to a broad ledge.

Reference Title Grade Length Quality Bolts Gone Natural pro Link to edit content
1 Marian Buttress
The prominent buttress seen from the lake. Good climbing, albeit with some poor rock lower down.
Harold Jacobs, Murray Jones, 23 December 1965
2 East Face Direct
Cross the broad ledge, but before reaching the buttress climb the East Face to the East Peak of Crosscut. The first ascent party gained the east ridge just past the top of the Marian Buttress. A later party (Moore and Bennett, 1973) climbed the left side of the face to about half height, traversed a sloping ledge and continued up the right side of the face to a prominent gendarme on the north east ridge.
Ron Dickie, Ken Hamilton, Noel Wilson, February 1968
3 North East Ridge
Instead of traversing across the broad ledge, climb straight up a snow-field on to the North East Ridge of Mt Crosscut. This ridge leads to to the East Peak, although the first ascent party climbed to the Middle Pk.
Ralph Miller, Bob Cuthill, Lloyd Warburton, Duncan Wilson, Gerry Hall-Jones, 1955
Craig Jefferies