The Thumbs

(5 routes)


-43.592940000000, 170.727360000000
I36 265 324
BX17 165 708
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SR South Ridge of the Low Thumb 2505m 2-
The col between the high and low Thumbs is readily accessed from the west. From the col pick a route through steep, loose argillite to the summit, climbing a narrow, leftfacing corner if conditions dictate.
Geoff Flower, Rod Milne, R J Allen, March 1937
NF North Face of the High Thumb 2
The col between the high and low Thumbs is readily reached from the west. From the col, cross a band of argillite then zigzag along ascending ledges. Finish by climbing either blocky rock or a scree gully on the right to the broad summit. The rock is reasonably firm.
Nel Caine, David Turnbull, Colin Burrows, April 1966
South Ridge of the High Thumb 2
and narrow gullies but joins the South Ridge near the summit, avoiding deep chasms and steep walls at the south end of the ridge. Climb the steepening ridge, taking occasional detours to the west side of the arĂȘte and negotiating a short step just before the summit. Alternatively, the South Ridge is readily reached via scree from the western side of the col north of Pt 2315 metres.
Harold (Ned) Porter, Clive Barker, Hugh Chambers, February 1922
Low Thumb, East Ridge 2-
This is best approached from the north branch of Black Birch Creek but can also be reached via steep couloirs from the south. From the col slightly north-east of the peak, pick a gully to access the East Ridge and follow the ridge to the summit.
Rod Milne, Geoff Fowler, R J Allen, March 1937
Low Thumb, North Buttress 1
From head basin of Black Birch Creek climb a series of bluffs to gain the summit ridge about 200 metres horizontally from the top, then follow the ridge.
Peter Bain, Russell Pearce, Murray Harris, Richard Gluyas, February 1954
Yvonne Cook and Geoff Spearpoint, in association with the Canterbury Mountaineering Club