Humboldt Mountains

(18 routes)

The Humboldt Mountains lie to the west of the Forbes Mountains, starting at the Greenstone River, and extending north to join the Main Divide at Nereus, at the head of the North Branch of the Routeburn River. This section includes the peaks along the Main Divide, from Nereus to the start of the Barrier Range.

-44.649000000000, 168.205200000000
Allen Uren & John Cocks


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Mountain Fiery Pk (0 routes)
Mountain Niobe Pk (1 route)
Mountain Poseidon Pk (1 route)
Mountain Sarpedon (0 routes)
Mountain Amphion Pk (2 routes)
Mountain Mt Chaos (2 routes)
Mountain Minos Pk (1 route)
Mountain Mt Nox (1 route)
Mountain Nereus (0 routes)
Mountain Somnus (4 routes)
Mountain Momus (1 route)
Mountain Pt 1952 (0 routes)
Mountain Pt 2117 (0 routes)
Mountain Upper Pk (0 routes)
Mountain Pt 2016 (1 route)
Mountain Mt Bonpland (4 routes)
Mountain Bold Pk (0 routes)