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Homestead Pk


Named in recognition of the hospitality of the Aspinall Family of Mt Aspiring Station. Homestead Peak was first climbed by Paul Powell, Owen Wye and Geoff Harrow in December 1952. They climbed the South East Ridge, partly as an exercise in keeping warm, after a stormy night had put paid to their attempt on the unclimbed East Ridge of Rob Roy. Nine years later circumstances were similar when Peter Strang, John McKinnon, Jim Milne and Graham Bishop, also with eyes on the still-virgin ridge of Rob Roy, briefly escaped from a saturated tent to snatch a new traverse of Homestead Peak by the North West and South West Ridges. In 1968 Brian Cleugh and Jack Coker after admirable persistence finally climbed the long sawtoothed South West Ridge leading to the South Peak.

POINT (168.764381 -44.46370147)
CA11 631 679

Access to head of Rob Roy Stream and climbing routes.
Above the bushline continue on the true left bank of Rob Roy Stream through light scrub and tussock, keeping 100m above the stream. After crossing a washed-out stream bed follow around terraces until a small silty flat is reached. From here find a convenient place to descend to the avalanche-threatened Rob Roy Glacier.
During the summer the avalanche hazard comes from the glaciers above and in the winter from large gullies dropping from Homestead Peak. A broad spur to the left of the large gully dropping from Homestead Peak is then climbed which ends up merging with the snowfield underneath the Homestead Peak and Rob Roy Col.

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Reference Title Grade Length Pro Quality Operations
 From East Matukituki River, 1,I 1,I 0m

Cross the West Matukituki at Cameron Flat to start up the hill immediately behind the old homestead of Mount Aspiring Station, on the south side of Homestead Creek. The South East Ridge is gained above the head of the creek and is a straightforward rock climb the summit. From Cameron Flat to the summit would require from seven to eight hours.

  • P1
  • Alpine (Technical) 1
  • Alpine (Commitment) I

 From Rob Roy Stream, 2,I 2,I 0m

From Rob Roy Stream access the gentle snowfields in the head of Rob Roy Stream. These give easy access to the North West and South West Ridges, which are both very straightforward rock climbs on rather loose rock. Each ridge takes about one hour from the head of the snowfield.

  • P1
  • Alpine (Technical) 2
  • Alpine (Commitment) I

Allan Uren & John Cocks