Bulkhead Sector

(32 routes)

The collective name given to the boulders on the south-western corner of Turakirae Head. The rugged ambience makes this an excellent area for exploring. There are also already-classic difficult testpieces, such as Bulkhead and Dead Eyes Opened.

Walk time: 
40 min

Walk past the Red Block towards the point and the large outcrop of rocks. Once you walk between the first two large pinnacles, turn right and head towards the sea. There is no real track, although a recent fire has made travel slightly easier. The area you are looking for is in the most south-western group of boulders.


Type Title Link to edit content
Wall The Balcony (3 routes)
Boulder Boulder Three (1 route)
Boulder Boulder Four (2 routes)
Boulder Whale Boulder (3 routes)
Boulder Bulkhead Boulder (2 routes)
Boulder Wall of Jugs (8 routes)
Boulder La Palma (3 routes)
Boulder Fish Fry (2 routes)
Boulder Blubberknife Boulder (1 route)
Boulder Swamp Rock (4 routes)
Boulder Tilted Boulder (3 routes)

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