Toaroha River

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Probably no one enters the Toaroha Valley to go climbing. However, the valley is well tracked and
offers good access to the Diedrichs Range, the Toaroha Range and the Mungo River, from where peaks
on the Main Divide can be approached.
Road to Toaroha Saddle
Turn off Upper Kokatahi Road down a side road past a dairy farm to the roadend on the true right
of the Toaroha River. Sections of the marked access cross private land (Terry Sheridan, phone 03 755
7967). Access continues along a 4wd track that zigzags down a bank and then continues up valley,
marked by orange triangles. Once in the bush, the track follows an old tramway part of the way up
valley, before a standard tramping track kicks in. Cross the bridge to Cedar Flat Huts (DOC, six-bunk
main hut and an older historic hut). Hot pools in Wren Creek can be approached up the track from
the sign near the bridge on the true right of the Toaroha.
From Cedar Flat Huts, head up valley on the true left, crossing to the true right again at a second
bridge a short way upstream. The well-maintained track continues up valley, crossing back as it nears
Top Toaroha Hut (DOC, six bunks), which is the true left just above a small lake. The track to Toaroha
Saddle is well marked until upper Bannatyne Creek, where it isn’t so obvious, but cairns and sparse
markers lead up a tussock gully to the range west of Toaroha Saddle Bivvy. There are good tops campsites
at tarns further east around Toaroha Saddle itself.
Times : Road to Cedar Flat, 3 hrs ; Cedar Flat to Top Toaroha Hut, 5 hrs ; Top Toaroha Hut to
Toaroha Bivvy, 1 ½ hrs

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