Shaler Range

(16 routes)

The Shaler Range runs south from Whitehorn Pass, between the Wilberforce and White valleys.

-42.979700000000, 171.378500000000
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Mt Murchison-Mt Wakeman Traverse 2
The traverse is something a small, early party to either peak could attempt. The major obstacles are to be found on the Mt Wakeman part of the traverse with a steep, overhanging slab pitch being of profound excitement (i.e. dangerous). The traverse as expected takes place on typically rotten rock, with most points of interest being turned on the Wilberforce River side. Not recommended during winter.
Marmaduke Dixon Skyline Traverse 2
This is a traverse of Points 2108m, 2168m, 2180m, and 2175m. These lumps and bumps form the impressive enclosure of the Marmaduke Dixon glacial névé. Each can be surmounted via its own individual approach (some very challenging i.e. steep, loose, ice) or can be gained from each other via the very rotten, exposed, craggy joining ridge. The normal starting point (clockwise traverse) is gained at the small col just south of the 2108m peak. Beware of corniced ice towards the east from winter to late summer.


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Mountain Mt Davie (5 routes)
Mountain Mt Wakeman (4 routes)
Mountain Mt Murchison (5 routes)