The Head Wall

(8 routes)

Continue traversing L until an overhanging wall appears. This is 'The Head Wall'.

Reference Title Grade Length Quality Bolts Gone Natural pro Link to edit content
False Sensitivities
A metre L of YFD is a tricky leftwards start up to a bolt. Continue to a stance then step L into the groove. At the top of this is a wall to the R and a slopey crux. Two bolts and good wires. Paul Waters '91
You Die!
A metre L of LOLG, go up the wall to the roof. Up to jugs then second roof and layback (crux). Three bolts, cams, and bolt belay. Matt Abbot '91
Loads Of Love Grips
Up the crack two metres L of SRB then up the jugs. Move L at the overhang (crux) and through the break. Good pro and a bolt belay. Matt Abbot '91
Sisters Raise Blisters
On the R of the Head Wall is a bulge with a groove. Go up this then left at the overhang and up. Good pro. Matt Abbot '91
Thanks For Letting Me Autograph Your Cat
Silly name for a silly route. The arete at the lefthand end of the Head Wall. Not much pro. Phil Stuart-Jones (solo) '96
Billy Bogan's Acid Hysteria
On the lefthand end of the Head Wall is an obvious pedestal. Gain it from the R, then up (wires). Ben White '91
Manipulative Womaniser
Two metres L of EA is an overghanging arete which is climbed to a stance (L) then back R and up the wall. Two bolts and a rap chain. Matt Abbot '91
Acrylic Exterior
Another metre L is a steep juggy wall with two bolts. Up to the block, mantle, and layback the crack. Matt Abbot '91