(195 routes)

Peaks from Haast Pass south to the Dart River.

Protected Area


Type Title Edit link
Range Forbes Mountains (33 routes)
Range Humboldt Mountains (18 routes)
Range Serpentine Range (4 routes)
Range Ailsa Mountains (3 routes)
Range Barrier Range (17 routes)
Range Browning Range (0 routes)
Range Bryneira Range (0 routes)
Range Commissioner Range (1 route)
Range Drake Range (4 routes)
Range Young Range (0 routes)
Range Five Fingers Range (0 routes)
Range Glissa Range (0 routes)
Range Haast Range (11 routes)
Range Little Red Hill Range (0 routes)
Range Macpherson Heights (0 routes)
Range Marks Range (0 routes)
Range Waipara Range (0 routes)
Mountain Mt Aeolus (0 routes)
Range Snowdrift Range (43 routes)
Range Selborne Range (1 route)
Range Olivine Range (0 routes)
Range Red Hills Range (0 routes)
Mountain Young Pk (0 routes)
Range Bealey Range (2 routes)
Valley Rees Valley (0 routes)
Valley Dart River (8 routes)
Valley Matukituki River (0 routes)
Valley Matukituki River West Branch (0 routes)
Mountain Glengyle Pk (4 routes)
Mountain Homestead Peak (2 routes)
Valley Matukituki River East Branch (0 routes)
Mountain Rob Roy Peak (16 routes)
Mountain Sisyphus (3 routes)
Mountain Dragonfly Peak (1 route)
Mountain Aspinall (1 route)
Mountain Glacier Dome (1 route)
Mountain Lois Pk (1 route)
Mountain Tantalus Rock (1 route)
Valley Wilkin River (0 routes)
Mountain Mt Twilight (1 route)
Mountain Pegasus Pk (1 route)
Mountain Mt Perseus (1 route)
Mountain Mt Jumbo (1 route)
Mountain Mt Arne (1 route)
Mountain Mt Vesta (1 route)
Mountain Iphigenia (1 route)
Mountain Mt Juno (2 routes)
Mountain Oblong (1 route)
Mountain Mt Kuri (1 route)
Mountain Mt Awful (8 routes)
Mountain Mt Turner (1 route)
Valley Young River (0 routes)
Pass Wills Valley–Long Flat Creek Saddle (1 route)
Mountain Mt Giles (1 route)
Mountain Mt Pearson (1 route)
Mountain Mt Maitland (1 route)
Mountain Wills Pk (1 route)
Mountain Square Top (1 route)
Mountain Watkins Dome (1 route)
Pass Upper Studholme Pass (2 routes)
Pass Lower Studholme Pass (2 routes)
Pass Wilson Pass (2 routes)
Mountain Mt Greenfield (1 route)
Mountain Mt Tylee (1 route)
Mountain Mt Holdsworth (1 route)
Mountain Pk 2316 (1 route)
Mountain Mt Enderby (3 routes)
Pass Wills Pass (2 routes)
Mountain Mt Tole (2 routes)
Mountain Mt Wray (1 route)
Mountain Mt Brewster (6 routes)
Mountain Mt Ionia (0 routes)
Mountain Destiny Peak (0 routes)
Mountain Pt 2127 (0 routes)
Mountain Pt 2026 (0 routes)