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Temple Stream

POINT (169.815245 -44.107125)
BZ14 4512 1130

Temple Stream South Branch
The South Branch gives pleasant open beech forest travel to South Temple Hut. Upstream, both sides or the gravel streambed can be followed until the track can be picked up again at BZ14 395 098. At the 1060m contour one branch of the track leads north to the scrubline under Gunsight Pass. The other branch crosses the stream to the west and skirts around a small tarn to emerge on the gravel streambed at BZ14 387 126.
Carpark to South Temple Hut: 3hrs
South Temple Hut to upper basin: 3hrs
Temple Stream South Branch West Branch
From South Temple Hut follow the true left of the stream, crossing just below the bushline to access a short sidle through the scrub and easy travel in the upper valley.
Temple Stream South Branch South Branch
From South Temple Hut, cross the stream and climb the open spur leading south to BZ14 399 075 then sidle to the bushline and the upper valley. Rocky campsites exist near tarns at Pt 1864m.
Carpark to Pt 1864m: 6–7hrs
Temple Stream North Branch
Follow the track on the true right to an alpine world in miniature with an impressive steep cirque at its head. There is a toilet at the bush edge. The basin is prone to avalanches in winter and spring to it's best to camp in the forest.
Carpark to valley head: 1.5–2hrs

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