Dawn Wall

(55 routes)

Fifty sport climbs 15-30 metres long, grade 18-24. Wearing a helmet is recommended, whilst a huge amount of effort must have gone into cleaning the area, some loose rock remains

North East
Walk time: 
45 minutes

The owner is Mr Zac Kyle (whose land also includes Fantasy Factory), contact 027 604 1485 .

Approach routes
Drive through Diamond Harbour and just past the road down to the shops and jetty turn right on to Waipapa Ave. Follow this up the hill to the end, where Bayview Road starts. Park at the entrance to the farm (marked "Chalfont") clear of the road and walk up the drive past the hedge, and follow the track up the spur past the hayshed and trees. Continue about 200 metres past another gate. Continue uphill through paddocks and then past 'The Man Cave' until you reach a set of power lines. Follow the power lines southwards down the hill until after 20mins you reach a flat section with a break in the gorse which has been sprayed. You can easily gain access to the climbing from here.

Access restrictions
The farmer must be telephoned for permission the previous day.

Closed for lambing from mid-August to October.

Compiled by Lindsay Main


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