Artist Dome

(2 routes)


-43.164121000000, 170.880146000000
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North West Ridge 1
Though the rock is loose, traversing the range from Mt Bloomfield to Artist Dome is easy, sidling slightly on the Reid Creek side if required. The ridge can also be approached at Pt 1892 metres from the basin to the east, a branch of Reid Creek.
Phil Willis, Austen A Deans, 12 March 1948
From County Hut
Follow the spur on the true left of Bloomfield Creek leading over Pt 1625 metres to the Bloomfield Range. Artist Dome can also be approached from the County at about J34 380788 / BW18 280 172. This leads to snow slopes south of Artist Dome and the summit. Artist Dome offers wonderful views of the County Glacier and Mt Evans. An alternative County approach from further east (at J34 388794 / BW18 288 178) leads up a gravel spur to Pt 1934 metres on the range proper.
Yvonne Cook and Geoff Spearpoint, in association with the Canterbury Mountaineering Club