The Circus

(4 routes)

At the right hand end of Avian Wall there is a huge overhang. The Circus begins right of the overhang and is bounded by more overhangs further to the right. Access is up stainless glued in pegs and runners to a fixed chain. A belay seat is attached to the chain to facilitate a comfortable belay. The higher routes require two ropes for the abseil or alternativelty, two abseils to the ground.. The wall is deceptively ovehanging so cleaning may be difficult if the second doesn't follow the route.

Walk time: 
10 mins
Reference Title Grade Length Quality Bolts Gone Natural pro Link to edit content
T Trapeze 17 35m
From the far left of the via ferrata, move across to another belay. Take the line on the right hand side of the overhang. Two abseils to get down or trail a second rope.
Murray Judge 2020 FFA
TbtT Tiger by the Tail 20
8bolts wire representing trad
From the fixed belay seat, Move left along the chain and up into the layback corner. Onto a big ledge then up a second layback corner.
Murray Judge 2021 FFA
BoL Book of Life 17 30m
1bolts wire representing trad
Up the obvious open book corner above the right hand end of the fixed chain. Cams to #2 Camalot, maybe double up, plus a few medium to large wires.
Dave Brash 2021 FFA
WoD Wall of Death 24
Climb 2 metres up Book of Life then traverse along a horizontal break to the far side of the hanging pillar. Up to the top of the pillar for a rest then out across the wall on a layback flake. Now tackle the overhanging headwall on exceptional finger locks and pockets. A single 60m rope will just reach the ground.
Steve Carr 2021 FFA