The Grotto

(7 routes)

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Welcome to the Jungle WI3 60m
This is the entrance pitch to the grotto area. It is a wide gully which even in the coldest of conditions so far as had water running down the middle of the flow. Climbed on the left side.
Scotty Standen, Matias Petris, Mal Haskins, August 2004
Dos Locos Sin Cuerta WI2 25m
Two crazies without a rope. Soled on the way to the Pillar of Salt. The obvious flow in the centre of the grotto below Motion Drain.
Matias Petris, Mal Haskins solo, August 2004
Viva Chile Merrda WI3 30m
On the right hand side of the grotto, tucked away in the corner 20 meters to the right of DLSC. The initial easy flow leads into a sort steep section of ice.
Scotty Standen, Matias Petris, August 2004
Curly WI3 20m
Climbed to get to the top to take pictures of Scotty and Matias on Viva Chile Merrda. A short route best climbed quickly as it sits under a potentially rotten route with large amounts of hanging ice which has deposited a large amount of debris at the base of Curly and Viva Chile Merrda.
Mal Haskins, August 2004
Pillar of Salt WI4 40m
This little gem can be found at the top left hand side of the Grotto. A free hanging pillar of superb quality. The first 15m of the route is vertical with nice formations and durable ice. Climbed in a race to beat a southerly front.
Matias Petris, Mal Haskins, August 2004
Motion Drain WI4 120m
The main route that bisects the grotto. The original name for this route was proposed as Emotional Drain due to its effect on the climbers. Climbed on a very cold day. Awesome exposure on the top pitch of vertical ice. Pitch 1 climb through the steps for about 50m to find a belay – a possible belay position from a small ice cave was avoided on the first ascent due to dripping ice! P2. Step off the belay and into awkward territory! The top pitch is wildly exposed and steeper than it looks. Eases off near the top of the route. Descended by walking off left and finding an ice dribble to allow a rap past Pillar of Salt.
Scotty Standen, Matias Petris, Mal Haksins, August 2004
Bushwhacked 120m
The middle of the right leaning ice columns on the black triangular face to the right of the grotto. Walk up the creek/gully toward Welcome to the Jungle and spear off into the bush. Climbed in a spirit of mad adventure after a late walk in from the road. P1. Jump straight into the vertical world on the first 10m! After this the route eases off and narrows down until a broad ledge is reached which makes an excellent belay ledge. (other routes are possible from this ledge to both the right and left). P2. Up the rounded flow and onto the fin of ice until you reach a short shallow gully. Continue up easy ice until a suitable belay position is reached. This route may continue up the gully on alpine ice in certain conditions.
Scotty Standen, Matias Petris, Mal Haksins, August 2004