Llawrenny Mountains

(18 routes)

The mountains north-west of the Arthur River. The Llawrenny Peaks are a beautifully isolated set of peaks dotted round a large plateau that drains into Sinbad Gully. The western aspects are gentle snow slopes but the eastern flanks drop steeply into camp-oven creek which drains into the Arthur Valley about an hour south of Sandfly Point.


The Arthur Valley leads south from Milford Sound. It is the final leg of the famous Milford Track and therefore sees a large amount of foot traffic during the summer season. Camping in the Arthur Valley is restricted to the huts which must be booked well in advance, so to avoid any confrontation with track officials, plan to camp up the western tributaries to the Arthur River. Access to the mountains of this region requires a boat; this can be organised from Deep Water Basin for a minimal fee.

-44.685010000000, 167.768784000000
The Darran Mountains (Craig Jefferies)


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Mountain Mt Philipps (2 routes)
Wall Sinbad Gully Wall (7 routes)
Mountain Llawrenny Pks North Pk (2 routes)
Mountain Llawrenny Pks High Pk (1 route)
Mountain Terror Pk (6 routes)
Mountain Mt Danger (0 routes)
Mountain Lady of the Snows (1 route)
Mountain Mt Daniel (0 routes)
Mountain Mt Edgar (0 routes)
Mountain Pt 1475 (0 routes)
Mountain Pt 1674 (0 routes)
Mountain Pt 1549 (0 routes)
Mountain Mitre Pk (6 routes)