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Barlow Saddle

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Between Pt 1576m and Pt 1557m, this is the best crossing point on the Adams Range from the Barlow Valley to the Poerua Valley.

POINT (170.593042 -43.291888)
BW17 047 040

On the Barlow side, while quite practical and easy enough, it is not quite as straight forward as the map might suggest, particularly descending, because of several small bluffs that force a bit of zig zagging. From the Barlow, begin at about I35 150648 and head north west over a rib to avoid a steeper section on the ridge then swing back up to the main spur and follow it generally up to the shangri la that the saddle can be in fine weather. There are good campsites here and tarns.
To descend to the Poerua Valley from the saddle, head down the left hand side of the spur (looking down) beginning at I35 145660. Towards the scrub edge, drop into the open (tussock) basin leading into the stream west of pt 1178m. This stream is open scree and gravel pretty much all the way to a major open gravel stream lower down where good travel continues till the major three way forks in the head of the Poerua.

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Yvonne Cook and Geoff Spearpoint,
in association with the Canterbury Mountaineering Club