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South of Deep Creek

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The area of crags south of Deep Creek...

1 hour
North West

From the main track to cathedral cove take the 'locals' trail which branches left off the main trail just before reaching the main climbing area. You will need to follow this for about 45 mins so try not to get distracted by the abundance of rock on the way... cross Bromlielaw Creek passing two large old man pines. About 5mins after these trees is another lone old man pine tree, this marks the turn off, you will find a wee trail heading off into the bush under the tree which takes you down to the coast. Cross Deep Creek after you pop out and head into the harakeke maze where you will find a network of seal trails - be on seal alert from here on in - Only trial and error will get you through to the other side where you will be able to see the north side of Aspire. Boulder hop your way around the mainland side of the pinnacle to gain the crags further south. Take care and enjoy :)

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Type Name
Sector Aspire
Sector Sunday School Slab
Sector Wavey Wall
Sector The Nursery