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Mt Enys



POINT (171.635199 -43.233573)
BW20 892 123
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Grade 2/3 900 metres The ridgeline immediately south of Mt Cheeseman has a few rocky outcrops which interrupt progress, so drop into the upper Ryton for 150 vertical metres or so and regain the ridge near point 1959. Continue south along the ridge crest to Mt Izard (2019m), and Mt Cloudsley (2107). From here to the summit of Mount Enys (2194m) the ridge is broader with easier travel. 8½km or around 3 to 4 hours from the peak of Mt Cheeseman to Mt Enys. Skiing off Mt Cheeseman to the south-east takes you into the headwaters of Waterfall Creek for a ski descent of 500 metres or more. Similar basins exist to the south-east of Mt Izard (Long Creek) and Mt Cloudsley (Whitewater Stream). The climb back to the ridge should be straightforward. The slopes on the western side of the range, facing into the lower Ryton Valley, are often wind-blasted free of snow, or melted by the heat of the sun, and are usually only worth skiing in good mid winter conditions. Best travel is along the ridgeline, and if necessary sidling on the eastern side.


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Grade 2/3 600 metres Mount Enys (2194m), is the highest peak in the Craigieburn Ranges with commanding views over the Castle Hill Basin, where the Enys brothers first began farming in the 1860s. To get there from Porter Heights, go out along the range as described above to point 2029. It’s about another 300 metres of climbing, over point 2046, and past Carn Brea to get to the summit (6km, or 2½ to 3 hours in total from the ski area). Another, usually preferable, way to reach the summit is to ski north off point 1981, as described above, into the headwaters of the Goldney. From there Mount Enys is seen straight ahead, up a broad 700 vertical metre slope. This is about the same time from the ski area, but you get more turns in. The return journey is slightly quicker, but beware of afternoon cloud build-up. If it’s misty on the ridge during the return, be sure to take the ridge that goes SW off point 2029, and not SE. After good snowfalls, the descent from Mt Enys back past Carn Brea into Enys Stream can give over 1000 vertical metres of skiing, although then you’re faced with a long and steep climb back up to the ridge. The untracked 6km tramp across country down to Highway 73 is not recommended! Allow 2 hours if doing it.